Cruises from California are Fun and a Breeze!!


But soon it may on less cruise ships………………

 Almost in time for the completion of the San Francisco Port enhancement project, we are experiencing a decline in the inventory and departures from both San Diego, and Long Beach/LA ports. But, they aren’t moving to the remodeled digs in San Fran, they are  just moving on to other  ports!!!

With the tight economy and the even tighter west coast cruise market, our Southern          California cruise ship departures are losing yet another ship. Royal Caribbean International will be moving the Mariner of the Seas in the next few months. In its place will arrive the Disney Wonder, which has been repositioned from its former Florida berth to make room for Disney’s newest ship the “Dream”. However, for the most of us, the loss of the Mariner cannot be replaced by a Disney cruise adventure.

Only time will tell how deep the cuts in our southern California-based cruise ships will go. Surely, the ability to fill these remaining ships this coming year will play a large part in their future year’s deployment decisions. Getting to the ports in L.A. and San Diego are very easy for folks in the southwestern states as an 8 to 10 hour drive (or less) has become far more favorable than the images (pardon the pun) that an airport security check conjures up.


    For the price of a round trip air fare for two, a couple can easily drive to the port city, and take advantage of one of the many hotel snooze & cruise (check them out) special packages, which often includes one nights lodging, free parking for your car while on the cruise, and transportation to/from the port and the hotel. Some even add in an evening get together with fellow cruisers, or possibly a continental breakfast. Or how about a wonderful pre night stay aboard the Queen Mary 2. Here’s an opportunity not only to enjoy a snooze, park and cruise, but to be able to see how cruising used to be. Complete with English Tea and a self paced tour of the ship complete with headphones and recorded voices from would be passengers and crew alike. How cool is that? All possible if you happen to be leaving out of the Long Beach California cruise port!!

As all of the current cruise lines take stock in the West Coast departure market, we note that there appears to be a migration away from the Baja and Mexican Riviera sailings. Admittedly many if not most of the cruise lines have illiminated some of the problem ports that have been seeing a drastic rise in violent crime. Not that they have involved cruise passengers, but due to general concerns surrounding such trends. There is a definite increase in Alaska and the Exotics, including the South Seas. So while there still may be an adequate number of “west coast” departures, many of them are making Seattle (and even more so), Vancouver B.C., as their new homes. Thereby, putting much of the southwest states out of reach by car, and back onto planes. However there are more options available for Travelers looking for alternative means of effecting travel, check out our Travel Group for more information.

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  2. Here we have some examples of just how easy and convienent cruising from so. cali really is. thanks for the post. Your ability is rather rare, and the context of your content and their production is not often found.

  3. Eve Fischer says:

    Be sure to check out this page because you will see the value of a california cruise and to expeirence thegreat time that happened to me. Thanks for this post!

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