Top Ten Myths about Cruise Ships and the truths you should know

Top Ten Myths, about Cruises

And the truths that you should know



I will get seasick. While many people have unfounded fears regarding seasickness; however, today’s cruise ships are very stable and seasickness is a rarity. For those prone to seasickness, there are many remedies available to travelers to alleviate the symptoms.

I will get a stomach virus like Norwalk virus. Noroviruses are a group of viruses that cause gastroenteritis. You should know that getting a flu shot will not prevent contracting a such a virus. Noroviruses can be found almost anyplace with lots of people in close proximity, not just cruise ships. Schools and businesses are also known for being more susceptible, as well as visiting friends in hospitals. You can decrease your chance of coming in contact with the Norwalk Virus or norovirus on a cruise ship by merely washing your hands frequently. Cruise ship dining room staff also employ the elbow touch, rather than the handshake. It’s actually quite fun.

 Cruises are all-inclusive. Most cruises are not all-inclusive. (except for the luxury cruise lines).In an effort to keep the basic price low, most mainstream cruise lines charge for everything that could be considered “extra”, from wine to bottled water. As ships become more creative in their onboard activities, more things come at a price. However, cruises continue to remain a fantastic bargain as the basic cruise fare still includes room, board, and the traditional cruise ship amenities such as a swimming pool and entertainment, so you can cruise and only have to pay for tips and drinks if you choose.

I have to dine at assigned times and with people I might not like. Though many cruise ships still feature traditional seating for dinner, with assigned times and tables. However, more and more cruise lines have open seating for dinner, which means you can dine when you like and at different tables. Since today’s cruise ships also include alternative dining venues, you can vary your restaurant choices along with your table mates.

Cruise ships are crowded. I have never been on a cruise ship where I could not find a quiet corner to read a book or be alone with my spouse. Although a cruise ship with over 3000 passengers can seem crowded at times, (particularly anytime large numbers of passengers are disembarking from the ship) such as the end of the cruise or when arriving in port,  but you shall see how quickly the lines really do move. As for genuine crowds, it is no more so than most hotels, restaurants, or resorts. Cruise ship managers understand crowd control much like they do at Disney World. Luxury cruise ships usually have plenty of space per passenger and many spacious common areas.

 I don’t like beaches, so I won’t like cruising. Since most cruises go to the Caribbean, many people associate cruising with this beautiful part of the world. However, a cruise is more than sitting in the sun by the pool, sandy beaches, or sparkling blue waters. Cruise ships visit every continent, and anyone who loves to travel is surely able to find a cruise destination that appeals to them. And, the best part of a cruise is you go to sleep each night, and awaken to a new location, but you only have to unpack once!

Cruise ships are packed with old people. While it is true that many cruisers are senior citizens, but most of these seniors are active, and all of them have amazing stories to tell about their life experiences. Another truth is that the fastest growing segment to experience cruising is the age 30 to 45 year old upwardly mobile family type. I should tell you that I’ve met some amazing seniors on cruise ships, and now I am one myself! A good general rule is the longer and more expensive the cruise, the older the passenger. Sailing ships and those with water sports also seem to appeal more to a younger crowd.

  Cruise ships are packed with younger party people. While some economy cruise lines like to revere themselves as catering to the “younger crowd”, most mainstream cruise lines  are marketed  to multi-generational families. Although you will find partiers on a cruise ship, you will also find teetotalers, as well as passengers of all cultures, races, and ages. The one thing all cruisers have in common is a love of travel and having fun, which doesn’t necessarily equal wild partying.

 Cruise ships are dangerous. As with flying, cruise ships seem to have gotten a bad rap about danger, especially with a few incidents which have taken place in the past few years; Cruise ships are actually far safer than any form of land based transportation available. Not only are they safe, with over 11 million people cruising each year, their crime rate is also very low, far better than found in most land based property destinations. There are steps you can take to help ensure a safer cruise vacation.

Cruise ships are boring. Although this is a common fear of non-cruisers, no one should be bored with cruising. You can be as active (or inactive) as you like. Cruise ship activities range from working out in a high-tech gym, rock climbing walls, surf riders, water slides, putt putt, putting /driving range, ice skating, bowling, and zip lines, to sitting on the deck and reading a book, or spending some quiet time (alone or otherwise), or nap in your room. You can learn computer skills, a foreign language, how to play bridge, or how to dance. You can enjoy Las Vegas-style entertainment or a classical pianist, participate in a wine tasting event, or even a cooking class. Many cruise ships spend all day in port, so you can explore all the fascinating parts of the world.

So now that you know the truths about cruise ships, go ahead and just get out there!!!! P.S. Have a great time

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