How about a “Ladies Only Summer-Vacation” or “Girlfriend Get-Away”

Time for a Girlfriend Getaway

Cruise Adventure!!!!!!

Or an All-Inclusive Resort!!!

For women who cherish time with their girlfriends, what could be better than an all-girl vacation, also known as a “girlfriend getaway?” And, for a group of girlfriends who want to have fun, there’s no better getaway than an all-inclusive vacation. “All-inclusive” means that everything you need to have a great time – comfortable accommodations, restaurants and entertainment – is included in the basic price. Cruises and land-based, all-inclusive resorts are two great options.

Cruise lines and all-inclusive resorts are both accustomed to meeting the needs of group travelers. You and your friends can book adjoining rooms, or enjoy a suite with multiple bedrooms and a common living area. You can dine together; circle your chaise lounges and enjoy the sun together; or take row of theater seats to watch the evening’s entertainment together.

If you can’t decide between a resort and a cruise, consider their differences as well as their similarities. On a cruise, you’ll visit multiple ports of call; resorts allow you to savor a single location. Cruise ships give you the exhilaration of wide-open expanses of water and changing views; resorts let you relax in “your spot” on the beach or around the pool each day.

If you love your friends but also need some quiet time on your getaway, cruise ships and resorts have plenty of activities that you can enjoy on your own. Browsing the books in the library; taking a brisk walk on the promenade deck or along a nature trail; or visiting the spa for a special treatment can be refreshing time on your own. Often much time is spent at all inclusives in the famed “swim-up” bar areas. Also you don’t have to worry about the kids being out of school and making for a noisy resort stay, as you can easily plan your getaway at one of the adult only resorts, and who knows what you may find there!

Whether you choose a cruise or a resort, when selecting a destination, consider your group’s shared interests. If you all love wine, consider a resort in a wine-making region. If you all love to dance, choose a cruise ship with plenty of lounges and discos. And, tell your personal travel expert about your shared interests – perhaps the cruise line or resort can make arrangements for your group to have a gourmet cooking lesson together, or provide a room where you can all update your scrapbooks to your heart’s content.

Whether you and your girlfriends live in the same town or are scattered around the country, your personal travel expert can help you make coordinated travel arrangements. For now, hit your social network to get your friends talking about a girlfriend getaway.




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