River Cruising is The Best of All Other Worlds of Travel

River Cruising  vs Ocean Cruising

vs Travel Tours


The Best of Both Worlds is what many have to say when comparing River Cruising to both Ocean Going Cruise Travel and also as compared to Land Based Travel Tourism, often called Travel Tours.

The most frequently cited “like” from my river cruise customers is that they loved the ability to get in close to really get a true feel for an area. Rather than spending a week and seeing 3 to 5 (or more)countries, with port stops in large metropolitan cities, the River Cruises will focus on maybe 3 countries at most, with stops in small quaint villages and towns, that offer the passengers an up-close and personal introduction to not only the land, but will plunge you into its customs, and best of all its people.  While larger ocean going cruise ships offer only the ability to take in from a country what one can cram into an 8 to 10 hour (at best) port stay. How can you begin to derive even a hint at a people and how they live, work and leisure? The Answer is; You Cant.

The most frequently cited “like” from my river cruise goers who have been previous Travel Tour Takers is that they absolutely loved the idea of being able to get the same and in many cases even a more in-depth cultural experience than with a Travel Tour, but what they really appreciated most was the fact that they got to do away with having to part with their bags the night before each day’s move required repacking and giving up their bags until arrival at their next overnight destination. I had one of my more sparkier boomer plus ladies boastingly admitting that she ate breakfast in long pants and a sweater (as it was a bit chilly one morning), and then she dressed very comfortable casual for her days sightseeing and bicycle adventure she went on, and she was already in a nice dress for the evenings dinner and entertainment. “No way could I have done that on a travel tour”. And she is totally right about that.

Many people point to a number of other plusses that they feel they derived over a conventional large ship cruise compared to their river cruise experience. Some of those are:

  • They never encountered slow-moving crowds, ever
  • They didn’t have to fight to find computer space in the internet café, or have to be relegated to going to same either very late at night or in the wee early morning hours (also which happen to coincide in my experience when the satellite systems were down). Not to mention that they were able to stay in their very own room. Didn’t have to drag their own computer along. And best of all (they all say it this way) they didn’t have to pay for their internet use.

Also high on the list of likes for my River Cruise Customers, was not having to having to pay for things they enjoyed on their river cruise that are generally charged for items on their traditional cruise experiences are things such as

  • Wine , Beer , (or especially with kids) Sodas with Dinner
  • Daily Sightseeing (excursions) at the various stops on the cruise
  • Bottled Water  on Board

…………………………………..as these items are included in the cost of the river cruise fare.

Another “like” I continually hear from my River Cruise Passengers who have been frequent Travel Tour Customers, is the constant hotel anxiety which is a really big concern that many travelers endure, (especially when travelling in Europe and Asia) in the up and down variety one normally is confronted with when being part of a Travel Tour. However, there are some truly five-star Touring Companies out there that only use top of the line accommodations. You just need to be prepared to pay the same amount for just your tour, as some other folks are paying, for their tour and their air fare. Often times the “bargain priced” cruise tour operators are seeking out the “best deal” for their profit margins, even if means occasionally skipping over the comfort level of the customer. Whereas, with River Cruising you arrive back from your days sightseeing and learning experiences, while getting the same great 5 star accommodation each evening. In floating hotel accommodations that would be typically referred to by land based counterparts as “sheik boutique”. The staterooms on board are not only spacious (certainly by European Standards) but certainly more modern, functional, and always well heated and air-conditioned. Not to mention that your clothes (as well as all your personal effects) are right where you left them when you last saw them. That is something that travel touring cannot even begin to come close to, as you are frequently on the move and separated from access to your luggage for the most part.

Just when I think I have heard all of the best comparisons from my clients possible (which I naturally point out to prospects).  I recently heard another great one which I must admit that I definitely not only echo, but hadn’t really given that much thought to this particular aspect. Their take was that River Cruising was time better spent while vacationing. No matter how “posh” they think (or say) a motor coach is……………..It really isn’t……….then there are the roads, hills, curves, pot holes, mechanical breakdowns (getting the idea). It really is not comfortable……..Ones’ mind can only absorb, that which ones’ seat can endure!!! Sitting in a (non moving) seated position as any physician (or avid traveler) will tell you is not only uncomfortable, but quite unhealthy. It’s bad on circulations, fluid build-up, and overall comfort, stress, and body aches. As we previously mentioned, River Cruising sees as much if not more of the real country and doesn’t waste your travel time spent on busing (or flying) you from point to point. I must say that was some truly great insight on the part of my customers.

These are but a few of the more popular and frequently cited comments I get from my River Cruise passengers as to what they liked best about their River Cruising Experience. One such client summed up her post cruise ratings report card by commenting: “There were so many wonderful aspects of my river cruise which were totally delightful to the point that anyone asking me about what I liked best, should just go on a river cruise and see for themselves all of the joys and delights that I have experienced”. Well said ! While not all River Cruise lines are alike, (check out my fav here) and not all of them offer all of the above amenities, certainly my personal favorite and river cruise line I prefer most does. I think that about sums it up!

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Mike is a Professional Cruise Wedding Planner, Wedding Officiant,and owner of CruisewithMike Wedding Planners. With over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, as an Independant Travel Consultant, Customer Service Agent, and a retired Va. Magistrate, and Clergy. Mike has a very unique perspective on Customer and Wedding Service Needs and strives to provide custom service that's "TOPS" Totally Outrageous Professional Service, with every customer he works with.
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4 Responses to River Cruising is The Best of All Other Worlds of Travel

  1. Betsy Provost says:

    Really great article with some very interesting information. I do enjoy reading your blog site as you continue to put forth a very unique perspective to cruising. Want More!

  2. Tim Pritchard says:

    Mike – we cruised with Uniworld on the eastern Danube and Isatnbul in June 2012. It was a great cruise at all levels and we are considering another one. The only reservation that we had with Uniworld was that the ship we were on, the River Princess, although recently refurbish seemed a little old/ dated in some respects, compared to other boats that we were seeing on the river i.e. no real balonies and 150 sq. ft. rooms. Is Uniworld keeping up with getting more modern ships?

    Tim Pritchard, Vancouver Island, Canada

    DEAR TIM, For the most part all of the river cruise companies are refurbishing and adding new vessels to their fleets. Remember that Uniworld customers actually prefer the old world charm in their ships. Also, river vessels that were not built with balconies, are not able to have them installed. Also 150s.f is the norm for river cruise staterooms unless you purchase into the upper priced categories. – CruisewithMike

  3. Alice says:

    River cruising …in order to see Prague and Budapest is the only thing on my “bucket list’, but being a widow and on oxygen 24/7, I am searching for the best way to do this! Do the river cruise lines cater even a little to these kinds of needs? I am just beginning my search, but have a son and/ or a close girl friend who would accompany me. I just bumped into your info and enjoyed your thoughts and suggestions.

    Dear Alice, the bulk of my customers river cruise on AMA and Uniworld, and I am unaware of any problems with travelers on oxygen. I can mention that most “single accommodation rooms” are situated on the lowest level and can be susceptible to noxious fumes, so you may wish to be careful in that regard! Thanks for sharing. – CruisewithMike

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