Dysart “Spring Break” Cruise – Day One

Dysart School Employees

“Spring Break” Cruise


Good Morning and now afternoon everyone, from on-board the wonderful Carnival Paradise, as we will soon be making our way to our First destination; Catalina Island….which is a tender port,(which merely means that a smaller lifeboat size vessel called a “tender”, will take us to the pier). Catalina Island is full of fantastic water sports and offers a wide array of activities, to delight all ages and tastes.

Our Boarding went smoothly, and everyone was excited to get-underway on our “Spring Break Cruise”. All of these school district employees have been bottled up, without a break since Christmas time, so they are ready for a week-long “recess” period for sure. Lunch in the Casual Dining area was delightful and certainly filled the bill (and our bellies), while we awaited access to our various staterooms.

We have just finished up with the Mandatory Life Boat Drill – which for many of my group a definite eye-opening experience for them. But I must admit that in many ways I am having just as much fun observing them, as they are experiencing life aboard ship!

It’s been a real treat for me to be able to see the expressions on many of their faces, as most of them have never sailed on a cruise ship before. I must say that it is a joy to really see folks not only having some much deserved fun, and relaxation, but a whole new world of excitement never before experienced by them. What a Great Day!

Well, as we are just getting underway on Day One, I will try to put together some thoughts and observations later this evening as we wind up our first day on board, but I am somewhat unsure what accessibility to internet I may have. Keep your fingers crossed with me for a working satellite.

Please stay tuned for more developments on our wonderful ocean odyssey!

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