Dysart “Spring Break” Cruise Day Four

Dysart “Spring Break” Cruise


Day Four – “At Sea” Day

Well here we are at Day Four, where we are at sea  today, and the Carnival Staff has planned lots of Fun Stuff to keep us (of all ages) occupied and our minds off our cruise experience beginning to sail towards the finale!

For the Kids Camp C (ages 2-11) in addition to their normal daily activities will feature a bear cuddly event where participants will actually make their very own bear creation to take home with them. While Circle C (ages 12-14), will feature their very own farewell party. Like Club 0 2 (ages 15-17) will also have their very own farewell extravaganza as well.

For the older kids (ages 18 and above) there are planned a host of things to busy ourselves. Certainly the daily Bingo session with guaranteed prize pots increased.  There will be a Think, Draw, Guess competition (where your teammate has to quickly guess the person place thing or phrase the other is drawing) and the first one wins a prize. Naturally what self respecting cruise would be without the obligatory “Hairiest Legs Contest” where the women get to be the judges for the winners here! There will also be Ice Carving, and Towel Folding demonstrations, as well as the infamous champagne live art auction. Then for later it’s get your groove thing on with Piano, Jazz, Calypso, Sing Along, and Dance Parties which will go into the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Hope everyone got a good night’s sleep last night to be able to just make it through all the way!

All of the on-board shopping venues are featuring extra special discounts and sales today, even if it’s getting your cappuccino on (for less) today, so for the bargain hunters, you will want to be sure that you check it all out today in the shopping arcade, as well as the various specialty shops throughout the ship.

Some of our Group were treated to a special “Behind the Scenes” look into the inner workings of the Ship, which was highlighted by a tour of the bridge conducted by Captain Carlo Aquilone himself! That was some pretty neat stuff folks!

Our entire group was afforded an “open-bar” party today in the Rex Disco Lounge which was a smashing success! Everyone attending enjoyed a Bon Voyage Libation with their fellow group cruisers, and had the opportunity to chat and share their cruise experiences.

Dinner was very nice, while sad at the same time. Sad to be saying “Good-bye” to our newly made friends in the dining room in the persons of German(our head waiter), Newman (our assistant waiter),and to Stan the Man, (our Maitre d’) who you can view them pictured here from Left to Right in that same order. We shall certainly miss you guys for sure. Great Food, and Delightful Service. Thank You All!

I would certainly be remiss if I failed to make mention of a few other new friends I also made while on-board. First to our Assistant Maître d’ “Hector”, who not only took care of some adjustments to our table seating, but in making such a good friend and conversation while on board in the various dining venues. I sure hope to be able to meet up with you on a future Voyage my friend!

Finally I wish to say a big thanks to Arnold, our stateroom steward who not only put up with us, but was the lead wrangler for all of the cute towel animals we were treated to during our cruise. Arnold saw to our needs and kept our staterooms looking spotless. Thank you for a job well done!

For me the hardest part of a cruise is in the saying farewell to the many wonderful staff member friends I have made during this quick space in time. I Thank You All, for a job well done, and would certainly look forward to seeing each of again in the future. Which brings me to an old sailor’s toast….May the wind be always to your back, and may your seas be calm. Take Care my friends – Cruise with Mike

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