How Safe is it to Travel to Mazatlan Mexico? The Facts Locals Speakout

The Media, a Good Job of Bad Reporting

You need to get all the facts!

Mexico continues to dominate the front pages of news wire services and newspapers in the US. I feel that it is only fitting that the facts surrounding these reports be equally covered. As readers you want to be sure you are getting not only factually correct content, but information that is in its proper context as well. This includes being sure that you read all of the news bulletins coming out of the reputable wire services. Look at the facts that paint an accurate picture of the violence related events that are actually taking place in Mexico. Here is one important fact to remember; Just as the United States is made up of many different states that cover thousands of square miles of space, so too is Mexico. I recently published an article related to the facts surrounding the increased levels of violence associated with the Mexican Drug Cartels, which you can (click here) to view in its entirety.

The United States itself has known problem areas of violence related to illegal drug trafficking. But would you stop bringing your cruise ships in and out of the Port of Miami, because of the drug related deaths that occur in South Miami? Well that’s exactly what the real story is all about particularly in the one instance of drug related deaths which occurred in a city, that cruise ships port for the day in. So it begs the question why was such a knee jerk reaction taken by the cruise lines, when they haven’t yet seemed to stem the tide of bringing their cruise ships in and out of the port of Miami, another city in the grips of drug related warfare and cartele factions, that does on occassion spill into the streets  there!

So what is real story here? Why the double standard in port withdrawals? The answer is a short one.    M E D I A     C O V E R A G E!   The fact that the media is reporting, and reporting, and reporting on this subject matter which they will continue to do as long as readership stays interested which creates revenue for them. It is the continual reporting that is keeping this volatile subject matter in front of Cruise Line Executives, who are naturally going to err on the side of caution (you can’t blame them), especially with all of the extreme reports of death and violence currently going on regarding the drug cartel activities in Mexico.

Latest reports of the horrible executions which took place from a bridge near Mexico City, now speak of a 14-year-old being held in connection with those deaths. While it is noteworthy that I might mention that this is not a new story itself, but an older one brought forward due to recent investigational findings. Now certainly a youth being held in connection with such a horrid deed is despicable. Sad as it may be, the truth is that we here in the United States  have 8 and 9 year olds associated with our own home-grown drug and gang related areas perpetrating equally horrible acts. Actually (even worse yet), it is taking place in several places throughout the world today. But do we see or hear about them in such vivid and repetitious reporting styles? Absolutely not! They get coverage but not like the Mexico news is getting. Why is that you ask? Could it be that for us here in the U.S, that local government officials, or the travel and tourism bureaus would not sit still for US News Editors stigmatizing their localities over what would be considered random acts of violence, perpetrated by and towards rival drug warring factions and their enemies. As these did not happen to tourist, or to any Hotel guests that were known to have been travelers. The situations faced by Miami and Mexico in many respects are similar situations, but why is it seemingly such a reporters feeding frenzy with respect to our neighbor country to the south? Check out a video where some local Mazatlan ex-patriot residents speak out on the unfair slant being placed on their local tourist trade and economy due to over publicizing of drug cartel activities (click here to see the video).

All I am advocating for is the responsible reporting of the complete facts and in proper contextual content when it comes down to prospective travel to Mexico. Just as you would never consider cancelling plans for a vacation to Atlanta, because of the Drug Violence in say Los Angeles, (Which you would be correct in not cancelling by the way). Neither would it be prudent to put off your plans to Cancun, because of the Drug Related Activities that are occurring primarily within close proximity to the US/ Mexican Border. I am merely suggesting that you maintain a well-informed approach, which is always your best course of action when making travel plans.

As for concerns you might encounter when traveling to virtually anywhere in the world; you have the ability to find out the latest in “Travelers Warnings” and Do Not Visit Bulletins from the U.S. State Department. You can accomplish this by simply visiting the web site here  ,  and then selecting the World’s Region, or Country you are interested in. You can always rely with confidence with the information and recommendations posted therein, as being the latest and most accurate information on any travel destination you might find yourself contemplating visiting. Additionally, the best part is that this is a FREE Service to travelers on the part of our Government.

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