Ten Tips on how to have the Perfect Cruise Travel Experience

Ten Little Tips, on How to have

A Great Cruise Travel Experience


First Suggestion – “The Key” to having a “GREAT” Cruise/Travel experience is to Research, or use Professional Assistance. Have your travel expenses saved, with specific goals and objectives in mind. So many vacation goers have had their Dream-Vacation-of-a-lifetime turn out to be the Nightmare-Adventure, simply due to a lack of adequate planning, or not actually knowing what they were purchasing, or not being able to have someone they could trust and rely on (not only) to help them with the front (booking) side of the trip, but someone who is by their side every step of the journey, especially when snow, volcanoes, airline strikes, or civil unrest closes down not just airports, but entire countries (or portions thereof).

Second Make sure that the Cruise Line and Ship, or Travel Itinerary and destination(s) are right for your tastes, desires and time of year. Never embark on a journey simply because your friend wants to go, or someone you just met has always wanted to go to a particular place in the world. And here is another poor choice reason; it was the only cruise or destination  that had a special price (otherwise that they could afford) or time they could get off from work(to take vacation). OMG! (Here’s a suggestion) By all means, if you find you cannot afford to take the trip you really want or desire, (or can’t get vacation time when you would really like to go) I suggest that you merely postpone it a little longer and save up some extra money, or be able to go when a better time is available. You want to make sure it is a vacation destination and activities that YOU really WANT or LIKE to do. Especially when booking plans well off into the future. You can never know if or that (a new) friend will still even be on your Christmas Card List or Face book friends, let alone someone you would be willing to share a room with any longer.(Or that you even will be slave to the same Job/Boss/or Position for that matter).

ThirdArrive at your Airport or Cruiseport Terminal RESTED, EXCITED, and READY for Adventure. Make it your mission with all who you come in contact with from the Baggage Handlers, to Security Screeners, to Check-in Counter personnel with a Smile and a Hello! How’s your day so far? You’d be amazed at how far it can get you. There is nothing more downer than someone who arrives at what should be a fantastic vacation experience barking, grouchy, and in a foul mood. Ooohhhh! But yet I still manage to witness it, more than I care to admit.

FourthGreet each new day, as an opportunity to make this vacation day even better than the one before it! Make each day a learning experience with the goal of learning something(s) that you did not know before. Also put just a small slant on the idea and revise the something(s) to someone(s) new!! Now you are making new Friendships, what a cool notion! Maybe you might even wish to become dinner partners if cruising or vacationing at an all-inclusive resort!

FifthWHEN problems crop up (and they will), be sure that you have them addressed by the appropriate person/personnel who can actually have something done about your displeasure, and then MOVE ON with your vacation. I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed someone having a single bad experience, only to allow it to ruin their (and others with them) entire vacation experience!

SixthTake every advantage and opportunity to explore the NEW, the DIFFERENT, and CHANGE. After all, remember that you are supposed to be on Vacation. Which entails NOT doing, seeing, tasting, and feeling those things you normally do on an daily basis; SINCE YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ALL OF THAT WHEN YOU GET BACK HOME!!!

SeventhIf you are on a Cruise (when it stops in port) Get Off the Ship! Can’t tell you the number of customers that have told me, how bummed they were they decided to just take it easy (hang out) and stay on board. Hello! Those lazy (or restfull) days are what we call “At Sea Days”. If you are staying at some sort of destination travel; then BY ALL MEANS, Give yourself permission to GET OUT OF THE ROOM. Go Do, Go See, and yes, Go BE!! I call them THE GO ATTITUDES!!!!!

EighthWhen traveling away from home or you find yourself in strange surroundings or situations, be sure to exude Patience, Understanding, and Graciousness towards everyone you’re having to deal with. As American’s, we already take on some bad reputations around the World today, so here is your one real chance to change opinion(s). Especially in your tone and inflection of voice. Your gestures, posture, and facial expressions are key. Just be willing to go that extra measure. Then sit back and watch. You’d be surprised at response and results that come back to you! Just give it a try.

NinthReward Yourself and Others Often. Be sure to reward yourself and those traveling with you with favors and generosity. Always have more than enough to buy some little trinket or special memento of a location, or a great experience, especially if its something you can do or experience together. Not only will it go a long way in making the trip that much more enjoyable at the time, but it will make for many memory filled years to come, anytime they see the object, or souvenier photo of the event.

Finally #10 – Be sure to stay at least one extra day before flying back home whenever possible (especially if disembarking from a cruise ship),  to be able to take in the local culture and customs before you board a plane to head back home. I know so many people who only know of Rome as the Trip from the Seaport, to the Airport (neither of which even got within sight of the Capital of the Roman Culture and its rich rooted History). One thing that has always amazed me when taking shore excursions, and sight-seeing adventures, is the things that you can learn by doing such activities. Another thing I find is just how much alike people really are all over the world. I have a love of historical information and knowledge (but especially facts about old stuff). Do you have any idea what the first marketplace in roman times was formed to sell to people? It was Antiques!!! Isn’t that wild!!! Even in Roman times they wanted the older, better stuff. That is so Way Cool!!

I do hope these 10 little thought-provoking suggestions may cause you to take a different look at your vacation travel ideas, and that you might enjoy wonderful experiences in return for paying heed to as many of them as you can. Good Luck and Happy Trails………………….

Be Well, and Have a Great Time!!

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