How To Travel Arrive Fresh and Ready to Go Reduce Jet Lag

 How To Arrive “Fresh as a Daisy”


Before your Flight or Cruise:


Be sure to do the following…………………….



Be sure to  Get a good night’s sleep before you embark on your journey. You can compensate your body’s internal clock for the time zone changes by retiring earlier than usual, if you are traveling Eastbound. Likewise, you can do the exact opposite should you be headed Westbound.

On the day of travel, be sure to dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. All buttons, zippers, belts, and laces should be easily accessible and functional, (for you to operate), especially for the security inspection/screening process.

Fluids Consumption is Imperative.

You want to be sure that you remain Hydrated while traveling especially when in flight as dehydration due to pressurization begins almost immediately. Hydration while traveling is important, as Dehydration begins with cell degeneration and the breaking down of the body’s nutrients. It’s a really good idea to keep a bottle of water handy, and use it frequently (not just when you feel thirsty). Also it is equally important to remember to try to refrain from consumption of carbonated beverages, as the carbonation causes the body to retain fluids when under the effects of pressurization. Same with Alcohol which should be moderated while traveling, as alcohol can actually enhance and manifest the effects of jet lag. Depressants are not good for the body while traveling.

Be sure to keep all “MUST HAVE” articles/items with you in your carry-on bag for quick/easy access. (especially items such as identification, travel tickets, boarding passes, medications, glasses, credit cards, etc.). Be sure to pack any/all medications in their original containers. Should you wear contact lenses, be sure to bring your contacts container as well as a small amount of solution. Note: if you have a back-up pair of glasses, it is a good idea that you bring them along as well. If you are unsure as to just what you are allowed to carry on board the aircraft, and if approved in what quantity or amounts. You can refer to the following section on finding links to TSA requirements.

You can access the most current updated information on what you are allowed to bring in your carry-on luggage from TSA, by logging on to You can find out the items you are permitted to bring on board ship, by contacting your cruise planner/agent or your specific cruise line directly.

After you arrive at your destination Airport terminal (port city), be sure to use BOTH HANDS while retrieving or handling your bags. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have strained or twitched a shoulder or back muscle while attempting to move one of my bags from the luggage carousel, or onto a luggage cart. Always remember to LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS, and not your back.

Summation: Some tips to help overcome the effects of jet lag are………………….

  • Get lots of rest before your trip
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol
  • Maintain a regular diet/food/liquid intake
  • When/if possible, expose yourself to fresh air/sunshine
  • Use a neck pillow/roll rather than an airplane pillow

Also, there are some isometric exercises you can do while seated (aircraft/taxi, or shuttle) to help keep you at your best:

  1. Shoulder Rotation – Circular & Up and Down motions, while reversing directions
  2. Neck Roll – Drop chin, tilt head back & rotate, while reversing directions
  3. Finger/Toe Stretch – Clinch Finger(toes), then relax, then stretch outwards, relax, repeat
  4. Foot Flex –(while heels on floor)Lift toes upward, hold several seconds, release, repeat
  5. Ankle Rotation – Lift one foot (leg extended) rotating ankle in circular motion, switch, repeat
  6. Heel Lift – (while toes on floor) Lift one heel upwards, then relax, switch, repeat

Hope these tips help you to arrive feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running!!!!

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