Cruising Prices seem More Affordable are Rough Waters Ahead for Cruise Fares


Are those clouds just a front, or the beginning of the perfect storm?         

Neither, it’s a buyer’s storm sale!!


What the forecasters are saying

 In this case take advantage of the down turn and make it work for you too! As many more folks than ever before, are finding themselves wondering and worrying about our current economic climate. With people in all age categories’ feeling like this must be a really bad dream they are caught in. The worst part is that there doesn’t seem to be an end to the down economy Anytime Soon!

  • Seniors and Retirees are unsure (naturally) as to just where all of this new health care is heading, not to mention their concerns as to what’s it going to cost, and then what is it exactly going to cover.
  • Families with children, mortgages, and college tuitions are trying to figure out merely how to keep everything afloat.
  •  Students finally graduating from college next spring are really worried as to just what kind of job they will be able to land with their brand new four-year degree (that probably took five or more years to achieve), and let us not forget their long term student loan repayment obligations.

Oh well, you get my point. Things are disconcerting from almost every viewpoint. But let me offer this. In the wake of the present lower cruise fares being offered, it is making travel decisions (if you can afford the air travel, or are close enough to drive to the port) almost a no-brainer.  Smart business engages in prudent and well thought strategic planning and preparations. While it is certainly more important today that we need to brush up on our frugal buying talents. However, I do see the next few years (and at least the short-term foreseeable future) as a big win for the cruise passenger.

Optimistic Reasoning For Cruise Prices to Remain Low

First, there are several compelling factors which would appear contributors in keeping cruise fares at their present lower rates.  Worldwide economic factors are certainly causing government, business, as well as private individuals to having to remain guarded in their discretionary purchasing patterns.

Reduction in crude oil prices while not directly related to lowering cruise fares, certainly have been a positive in that they have curtailed the highly anticipated Fuel Supplement Charges from being implemented throughout much of the cruise line industry.

Fleet Redeployments which were brought about as a result of the cruise lines efforts to boost sales revenues, in anticipation of a projected over saturation of the Caribbean Markets. Cruise lines decided to relocate much of their fleets to European Waters beginning this past spring, for the upcoming Summer and Fall Seasons. While the initial reactionary results appeared good as the various cruise lines saw marketable increases in sales taking shape in the form of increased European customer cruise sales, that spike soon died down. In an response to attempt to bolster their sagging sales, many of the cruise lines have lowered their European Destination cruise fares (to vastly discounted rates), only to find that would be North American cruise buyers are unwilling to incur the high cost of airline tickets to get to these ships now located overseas. So for many, the answer has been a decision to once again redeploy many of the vessels back into the Caribbean for the fall season, so that if they need to make discounts to fill ships, at least they can rely on their reliable last minute cruisers on the US East Coast, and Florida residents who are accustomed to taking advantage of such deep discounted fares.

Last but by no means least, is the most overwhelming cause-and-effect factor, that the Cruise Industry has always been, and continues to be a Market Driven Demand Service or Product. Meaning that despite what ever effort might be undertaken by the Supplier, that the overall final effective price paid for such product will be determined by the ultimate end user (which in this case) is the Cruising Public. The price paid for the service or product will be directly affected by the amount of total unit(s) which are available at any one time. Consequently, the final price paid will be up to the market as to what price will be settled upon, rather than an element which is governed directly by the supplier alone.

From Discounted Cruise Fares, to On Board Services and Amenities being sweetened, I think it is safe to say it will certainly be a buyer’s market here. Already cruising has remained the most cost effective form of travel. Currently you can find sailings that go for $40-$60 a day (if traveling as a couple) and $70-$80 per day (if a family). How can you beat such prices when you consider you get your room, your food, and your entertainment in a single fun-filled, all-inclusive atmosphere that price wise is hard to beat!

So get out and have some fun. You should really consider a cruise for your next vacation or family adventure. You get to wake up in a different place each morning, and you only have to pack/unpack once. You deserve some much-needed battery recharging, so that you can continue to take on the daily challenges that will be facing us not only in 2011, but beyond. For more information and prices contact mike, or check out our current special offerings available.

Cruise – Laugh – Enjoy Life!!…..and the reduced cruise fare prices before they too sail off into the Sunset!!!! Be sure to bear this point in mind. At sometime in the future, the cruise lines may have to face some pretty costly decisions. But they are options they are not yet ready to implement. So enjoy the pricing, while the pricing is good, for it may come to pass that they come up with a way to spred their increased in size fleets, into other parts of the world. A move that will undoubtedly cause cruise fares to rise accordingly!

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