Secrets on How-To finding Great Cruise Deals Revealed

How to Find some of the Best Cruise Values!

 Secrets Revealed from within

Well first, finding the right cruise bargain will depend on just what you are inclined to want in the way of a cruise. But allow me to address just a few of the many bargain options that are out there for the choosing. 1). There are Shorty cruises that help someone determine whether or not they will enjoy cruising without having to invest all the money and time on one lasting a week or more. 2).Next, there are some really great buys to be had especially on transatlantic crossings. These types of cruises occur only twice each year. 3). Closely akin to these transatlantic crossings, are their cruising cousins generally referred to as repositioning cruises. So as you can begin to see depending on just what kind of deal you might enjoy most, would likely dictate what you should look for. We shall delve more deeply into each of these “ bargain-soaked” potential cruise deals.

First let’s look at the shorties. There are several cruise lines that offer one, to five-day cruise itineraries that are ideal for those folks who have either a really short space of time to be able to get away, and are especially wonderful for the person who doesn’t really know if they will really enjoy cruising or not (such as new significant others, and children) and especially with all sorts of first time cruisers. These cruises are offered in both east and west coast versions. The east coast offers short duration trips that just sail around the Mid Atlantic coastal region, and others that actually will visit either Bermuda, or especially the Bahamas. You will find not only are these cruises really inexpensive, but are basically offered throughout the year. So that if you can only get away for say a long weekend, or just wish to try out the waters (sorry for the pun), they are out there for you when you can take them. Similarly, many cruise lines offer these type open water journeys on the west coast as well. While you will only find them pretty much year round in the form of 3, 4, or 5 day sailings to the Baja region (especially by Carnival) and depart from both San Diego, as well as Long Beach (L.A.) ports and will call on Catalina Island, Ensenada and generally do not require a passport (similar to the Bahamas’ cruises), so these cruises are very popular with the first timers, non typical cruisers, and especially spring breakers. Additionally, during the periods of say early to mid May and again in October you will find several of the cruise lines offering special 1, 2, or 3 day short duration cruises which will just traverse the western pacific coastal area and are sometimes just fillers which take place between repositioning from the Mexican Riviera, and the Alaskan Itineraries. But certainly there are some great deals to be found here!

The next great place to seek out a deal is in the Transatlantic Crossings. I know as for myself the first time I thought about spending five days straight on the ocean I envisioned that either me or my spouse would probably do harm to one another. Boy was I wrong. BEST CRUISE I EVER WENT ON!!! They are very thoughtfully planned out with activities, and really cool stuff to do. We enjoyed Wine Tasting, Cooking Classes, and Enrichment Classes, not to mention the Mystery Who Dun-it Dinner, oh and then there was the Wine Pairing Evening. First time in my life I ever partook in a genuine 10 course meal, complete with a pairing of 10 different wines with each course. Not only was it absolutely enjoyable, but I never learned so much in all my cruises, as I took away from that one single cruise experience. Now for the deal part. The Cruise Lines will generally give you the sea crossing days as a token, and you will only pay for say the Mediterranean portion of the Cruise. So it is like getting a 15 to 18 day Cruise for the price of say a 7 to 11 day event. So be sure to jump all over these sailings.

The final area of bargain search I wish to point out is that of repositioning cruises. Now while Transatlantic crossings are definitely a part of this category as ships are traversing from Atlantic or Caribbean to Mediterranean homes for the next few months of sailing, there are many more repositioning cruise offerings than just those crossing the big pond . Cruise lines need to move their ships from Fall Canada New England back to the warmer Caribbean waters they will make their homes for the winter months generally in late October. You will also have the Alaskan Cruise ships moving back down to southern California to take back up on the warmer Mexican Riviera Cruise Itineraries in Late September and Early October. April and August will be the months when you might just catch some one way Hawaii Cruise Sailings as ships make their way to and from the exotic regions of the Polynesian triangle or the South Seas homes for their placement there. Here again, with these cruises you normally get the extra 3 to 5 days of extra cruising gratis.

One reason why such cruises used to be out of the reach for the typical traveler, was they were so difficult to be able to purchase flights to and from these different places of starting and stopping, (referred to as “Open Jaw” itineraries). Trying to buy such air service was not only more difficult to schedule, but was very much more expensive in years gone by. However, nowadays such is not the case, as almost every on-line search engine for flights has a box to check called multi city flights (or something closely resembling that). For the airlines part, it is a total change in mentality as the airlines charged premium prices for such “inconvenience” of trying to schedule planes to such service. That is just one good thing with time that is better now, as present day Airline posture seems to go wherever the travelers’ wishes say to go.

These are but a few of the places to seek out cruise deals, or to think about for your next cruise adventure. So why not plan ahead and reserve your cruise deal now!

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4 Responses to Secrets on How-To finding Great Cruise Deals Revealed

  1. Robin says:

    This is lots of good information. I always thought that the further out youbook the cheaper. SO I understand the further out is just so you can make payments. If you book closer to when you want to go it is cheaper. Yeah! This will be my first time cruising and maybe by myself. It maybe in the future, but I am so ready to take my cruise.

    • Thanks for your comment Robin. While these suggestions are “Winner” Deals in their own right. Some cruise lines will offer price guarantees (for lowest fares) and even cheaper rates when you book the furtherest out (since pricing does go up as the ship fills). So think of it as a potential double win, if you were to choose one of our suggestions, and book such a cruise even the furtherest out you could. Additionally, if you were thinking about cruising by yourself, you might give some consideration to a ship, that offers “single” staterooms, that way you could avoid those nasty single supplement fares. Suggestion: Be sure to look at the NCL Epic, Transatlantic (which for now the furtherest out you could look at would be for Fall 2011, or Possibly Spring of 2012). Thanks again for the comment. We are here to help!-CruisewithMike

  2. momochii says:

    Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

  3. Bao Au says:

    Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely comeback.
    REPLY: Dear Bao, Thanks for your comments. We hope you visit back often.-CruisewithMike

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