Always Dreamed of Taking a Cruise in Hawaii Well Here’s your chance

Your Dream Cruise

In Hawaii can happen!!


Join with us, for our OHANA (Family) summer 2012 Cruise, on the Glorious Norwegian Cruise Line “Pride of America”, (check out a video tour of this ship by clicking here) which is the only US Flagged Cruise Ship in the North American Fleet.  As we will be sailing on a magnificent 7 Night Cruise which will feature stops at all of the major islands of Hawaii. Included in this really terrific itinerary is not one, but Two Overnight stops, which will occur in Maui, and Kauai, so you will really want to take advantage of this special sailing.

Our focus will be on the Ho’okipa (hospitality and friendliness) of the Hawaiian people, as well as a celebration of Family, which in the beautiful Hawaiian language is pronounced “OHANA”. Join us, for what is surely to be a “once-in-a-lifetime adventure”. Something that you have probably only until now merely dreamed of doing; taking a cruise in Hawaii. How appropriate that it will be aboard a totally U.S. registered ship, and crewed with American staff, as we make our way around this genuine American paradise of a cruise. We will even offer a free class in Hawaiian Language and Culture while on-board during our first evening at sea! You can also (click here) to see our Review of NCL’s Pride of America

Our Special Pricing is awesome as we are drastically cutting prices. First, Adult Fares along with our Group Included Amenity Package extras put the group pricing below the actual available pricing if you book direct, and as an extra benefit our special group package offers you the safety and security of prepaid insurance, Plus a host of amenities which total to more than $275 in savings per Adult plus ($200 per child), for a cost of nothing more. Which means a Family of Four, can enjoy a savings of $1100 or more, as you may even qualify for additional savings as well. Be sure to see the attached flyer which spells out all of the details of our Voyage. As mentioned, our children’s cruise rates are considerably less than the current stated fares, so be sure to grab these deals while they last, as when they are sold they are gone. A Deposit of only $250 pp holds your choice of stateroom!

Our Wonderful OHANA Seven Night Adventure will begin in port on the Island of Oahu on June 2, 2012 as we will set sail on our blue watered journey after 5:00pm to a plethora of panoramic picturesque pacific sunset surroundings, making for the perfect time to breakout that Bottle of Bubbly to Toast Your Dream Cruise Vacation with your someone special. After a marvelous evening and sleep, you will arrive the next morning rested and refreshed in our wonderful new destination (Days 2 and 3) of Maui. Where we will actually be staying overnight here, which gives you ample opportunity to do lots of cool stuff on shore like, a special evening out ,which might include your visit to a traditional “Luau” (feast), to savor the flavors of an earthen pit delight, or maybe take a run over to the local Harley Davidson Store to add to your T-Shirt Collection (Don’t mind me I’m a Harley enthusiast, and for any like-minded folks I am planning a rather different kind of Harley Cruising Adventure Excursion while here). Maybe you have always dreamed of an adventure on the windingly adventurous “Hana Highway”. This is your opportunity to see and do some truly exciting things. Maybe you might like to start off by seeing Sunrise like no other atop famed Mt. Haleakala. Oh yeah! this is also the place where you can take the “mother load” of all bike rides back down the mountain, are you up for that? Whatever your desires, this is certainly a port of call you will enjoy. We will depart around 6pm (of our second day here) for our next exotic and much to see and do port of call, at a place called “The Big Island”.

Hilo Hawaii (Day Four), which not only is the capital and largest city of the Big Island, but also one of the wettest spots on earth. From this vantage point there is so much to do, besides just walking around the port. Maybe you might enjoy taking a walking tour of the enchanting Liliuokalani Gardens, I Highly recommend considering a Flight-seeing excursion with my friends over at Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours, (See a video clip here) to see if “Madam Pele”(Goddess of Fire) appears to be up for a fire dance, in addition to being able to see all of the allure this part of Paradise known as the Big Island has to offer, and you can even take home a souvenir copy of the video of your actual flight to always take this ride again and again, anytime you wish. Here’s something you may not have known, actually out of the 13 separate and distinct temperate (climatic) zones found on mother earth, the big island offers 11 of them. By car there is so much to see with Waterfalls, Tropical Rain Forests, Arboretums, and don’t forget to stop by the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Plantation. Oh yeah, which happens to be right on your way back from the world-famous Volcanoes National Park, so as you can see the list is rather lengthy. You can also opt for one of the many Shore Excursions available from the Cruise Ship itself. As we set sail for our Day Five’s stop you will absolutely want to be sure to have a window or balcony stateroom situated on the starboard side of the ship, if for no other reason than if  Madam Pele should be putting on her wonderful Lava Show, you will certainly want to view it from the comforts of your very own stateroom.  

Kailua-Kona (Day 5) will be an adventure right off the bat. As we pull into Kona Bay probably a little before the Sun begins to rise above the Coffee Covered Mountain Slopes. Kona is a “Tender” port, which means we won’t be docked at a pier. Instead we will utilize the “Tender Vessels” to ferry us from the cruise ship to the dockside area. Kona is a wonderful charming little village community that is excellent to do just a walking tour on your own. There will be shops you can visit, and there are all sorts of quaint restaurants and sights to see. Ask me, and I can give you a special walking tour list. Our group will actually be off the ship for a wonderful stroll down Alii Drive (the Main drag & official starting point for the Ironman Event), just a short distance to visit with my very special friends at the Royal Kona Resort. This is where Angie and I have called our OHANA(family) and HALE(Home) , since beginning to visit this wonderful island get-away paradise some 16 years ago. I have a very special treat in store for our group cruisers which is already included in your cruise fare which will include sampling some local fare (coffee included) and to be able to enjoy a sumptuous beverage called a Mai-Tai which just happens to have been originated right on the very spot “Don’s the Beachcomber Bar”, which is located inside of the Royal Kona Resort Hotel. While I can’t give away all of our day’s secrets, I promise you it will be fun and exciting for shore (play on words fully intended). There will also be lots of time for you to be able to wander about this laid back village environment to check it all out. Also for the fashion conscious among us, our event comes complete with a shuttle bus bound for Hilo Hattie’s (where you can get decked out in the latest Aloha Apparel), and we have actually arranged to have one of the coffee plantations to come see us, how cool is that? As we depart back for the ship, you may hear the distant sound of drum beats and chanting and wonder what’s up?….it’s OK, you’re safe. There may be a luau getting started nearby. But sadly for us, it’s time to head back to our ship for dinner.

Our next island adventure otherwise known as days 6 and 7, will be Kauai (the island of Love), where here too we will be docking for an overnight stay with not one, but an entire one and a half days to romp and play. This port is a wonderful opportunity to take in one of the many Cruise Ship offered excursions that might meet with your liking. With things like a scenic drive down the Napali Coast, or maybe a day trip to Waimea Canyon, or check out a Backpacking Trail or Horseback Ride to breathtaking waterfalls in majestic Hanalei. You could always enjoy a beautiful afternoon with a visit and stroll through Allerton Gardens in Kalaheo. For the truly adventurous at heart, maybe you’d prefer to see it all from above on a Hang Glider trek, or why not choose to just “Hang-Out” on a Line while enjoying a live eco tour zip line in Lawai.  Just in case you might have given some consideration to getting yourself “centered”, you should know that Kauai offers some really great spots to embrace your “inner-self” from Yoga, and exfoliating message therapy, to holistic spas there is certainly a wealth of methods to choose from. Kauai offers some really unique opportunities like Fern Grottoes, Private Cigar Tours, Donkey Beach, and some really great Family oriented sights and activities to take in. Wow! What an adventure. As we depart from the Kauai port area we will make our way for a special visual wonder called the Napali Coastal Waters, where the volcanic islands seem to rise straight up from the waters. Be sure to have your cameras and any other video recording devices close by, as you will definitely want to make for some lasting memories on deck with these beautiful coastal island backdrops and nature scenery. Or for those of you luckier folks who choose the Balcony Staterooms, here is your ultimate private party special, as you will want to just pull up a chair and take in all of the breathtaking imagery you are about to see. Well as we make ready for our final at sea dinner aboard this wonderful vessel, it’s time to enjoy what will be a special evening of celebration, food, and fun as we are making our way back to port in Honolulu where we will arrive bright and early tomorrow morning.

If this doesn’t all add up, to a cruise of a lifetime, I am not sure what does. I love cruising, and I love Hawaii, so for me this is truly the best of the best, and I am absolutely pleased to be able to share the experiences with you. I hope you will join us on this wonderful cruise.Please see the attached brochure which spells out the pricing details along with some other important information.

You say that you’re not ready for this wonderful journey to end just yet? Well then, why not join us for a wonderful extra day’s stay in warm and sunny tropical Honolulu as we put the finishing touches on this journey of a lifetime, complete with a visit to the absolutely must see Polynesian Cultural Center, before we board that bird-bird back for the mainland tomorrow, as we have some extra special hotel prices available, and what the heck your already here. Why not make the most, and enjoy it!

We will be able to offer to everyone special group air fares, but since we are unable to do that until we are no more than 330 days from departure, which will mean the actual pricing packages will be available at or around July 15, 2011. But you won’t want to wait until then to grab your stateroom, as they should all be sold out well before then. Additionally many folks might desire to make their own air arrangements, as sometimes you might be eligible for using your accumulated miles, or partner certificates from your airline loyalty programs. MAHALO!(Thank You)-CruisewithMike

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Either way I am here to help! See You On Board…………………..



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  2. Addriene says:

    Count Me In on this one! Great Deal for the kids as well. I am most excited!

    REPLY: Dear Addriene, contact me directly to see to all of the details. This will be a most exciting cruise adventure. Actually just about the only cruises while the kids are out of school, are these circle islands sailings on the Pride of America. Otherwise you will need to cruise in April-May, or Sept-Oct when school is back in session for most. CruisewithMike

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