A Review of NCL’s ship the Pride Of America

NCL’s Pride of America

Something a bit different

Built in 2005, and able to hold just over 2100 passengers(if just at double occupancy), NCL’s “Pride of America” is the only North American flagged (registered) cruise ship and is mostly staffed by an all American crew. So at the very beginning you begin to feel something’s different about this ship. This wonderful vessel is now the standard bearer for NCL’s presence in the Hawaiian Islands. Quite fitting if you ask this writer. An American flagged ship sailing in American waters. And if you happen to be thinking about a Meeting or Convention at sea, be sure to consult with your Tax Advisor on the benefits of having such an aboard event on an American registered and based ship. (click here to view) a short video on the NCL “Pride of America”

Unique Physical Activities await you on-board this Ameriship, with it’s 24hour Sante Fe Fitness Center, able to allow you to keep up what-ever your workout regiment calls for, and at any hour it calls you. You can also indulge a variety of extra sensory workout impulses, as this ship offers classes in both Yoga, and Aerobics. Or you might decide to take a “spin” on the Gyroshere, or you might rather choose to hop-over to the Bungee Trampoline. Of course there is always the ability to take in a quick game of baskets with the dudes, or a volleyball grudge match, or you could choose to work on your swing at the Golf Driving net. Oh yeah did I fail to mention that you can always opt for a non activity, like just hanging out in a lounge on the sunny deck, or parked in your favorite spot in the lounge of your choice.

As for the kids, they too have their own special varieties of activities to decide from. With their own special computer center, kids crew movie theatre, Video Arcade, Exclusive Teens Club, and dedicated Kids Pools. Also they offer their age based structured and supervised programs called Kid’s Crew, which allow Mom’s and Dad’s to just relax, (and that means something for sure)while safe in the comfort and knowledge that their own little crew members are mustering up a blast of their very own on-board!

There’s no excuse to ever go round hungry with (11) eleven different restaurants and dining venues to choose from, in addition to their 24hour room service. Speaking of food, there’s a cuisine for pretty much all tastes, like a Steakhouse, Italian, Asian, why there’s even a fifty’s style diner on board. Literally every region of America is represented which means you can truly dine where, when, and on what you want! Way Cool!!

For the Adult’s it’s good to know that NCL’s got you covered as well. There are  (9) nine different bars and lounges for you to be able to get your “Happy” on, and with more than 1000 rooms and 30 different room types (also with special equipped facilities and stateroom accomodations available for those who have special needs of any kind), so there is certainly a stateroom or suite that’s perfect for any person, couples, or families needs would call for on this ship. 

Profiling and Freestylling: With NCL’s Freestyle Cruising options, you are Free to make choices and a different one each day with respect to dining. Specifically you have no fixed times for dinner, and there’s no need to dress up for dinner either (unless you want to). Freestyle Activities means that there are tons of great things to choose from, or you can choose to do nothing. It’s being Free to DO YOUR OWN THING, whatever and whenever that may be. Freestyle also means great service too. With roughly one crew member per stateroom, you probably haven’t been this spoiled since you lived at home or with your parents. Freestyle Disembarkation means that you have the freedom to depart from the ship quickly, or take a more relaxed approach and enjoy your breakfast before beginning your disembarkation process. Freestyle means in short that it’s all up to you. Are you ready? Come on and Get Your Freestyle On!

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7 Responses to A Review of NCL’s ship the Pride Of America

  1. Keesha says:

    Thank you for this is a ray of sunshine, in a sea of darkness and mediocrity. Nice to read about something uniquely american for a change. Great Post

    REPLY: Dear Keesha, it is nice of you to say such nice comments. We hope you visit back often.CruisewithMike

  2. DebbieK. says:

    You actually make it seem so much like being there. I like your presentation and especially the video tour. VEry nice touch. Thanks for posting.
    REPLY: Dear Debbie, Thank you for your comments. Glad you liked it.-CruisewithMike

  3. Mahmood Majedi says:

    My name is M.Majedi , I was in Pride of America cruise in Hawaii Islands between 18-25 June .
    Could you assist me in making contact with NCL, as your email address is the only one I could find.

    Regards M.Majedi
    Dear Mr. Majedi, Please find the enclosed contact information for NCL Departments attached. You will most likely need to call first, as they do not routinely publish email addresses on their website. Hope this helps! – CruisewithMike

  4. Marianna O says:

    This was a very good review, thank you for sharing. Thanks once again.

  5. RGrace says:

    My wife and I were were recently on the Pride of America cruise, what a most different ship decor. Very American (down to the crew), and most patriotic. A nice change form the ordinary.

    • Your are most correct!It would be nice to see more of our North American Cruise Ships to take on such “pride”. You may also wish to Check out the Carnival’s Conquest Class of ships, as they do exhibit much Americana History in their decor schemes.-CruisewithMike

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