Celebrity Silhouette, the Latest Edition of the Solstice Class of Cruise Ships

Celebrity’s Soon to Set Sail

Silhouette, A Solstice of

A different kind!!

Celebrity’s newest addition to her fleet will soon debut in July of 2011 and will be called the “Silhouette”. The Fourth of the Solstice Class of Ships to sail, this 122,000 ton, 2884 passenger capacity cruise ship will begin her inaugural sailings to the Holy Land, and then eventually an October Trans Atlantic to take up her new home port in Bayonne NJ, and will be doing Fall 2011, twelve night Eastern and Southern Caribbean Sailings.

However, she will be sporting some definite differences from her other sister solstice vessels. Check out a short video that features her unique highlights (by clicking here).

If you’ve been thinking about indulging in the “Corning Museum”, or taking in the glass-blowing demonstrations, as they say in Italian-American “forget about it”. Not on this newest ship. What will be in its place will be an upscale outdoorsy first-of-its-kind, Lawn Club Grill. Where you can not only enjoy gourmet burgers and pizza for lunch, but will come complete with cooking demonstrations, and for dinner will feature the ability for the passengers to partake in an interactive specialty cooking instruction where the guests will choose their own special cut of meat, and then grille it themselves under the watchful eye of one of the on-board chefs, in order to teach you all of the tricks of great steak grilling!

There will also be a noticeable change in what used to be known as “Michael’s” that was a Signature Dining Venue, which will now become an up-scaled version of an international beer bar, featuring the complete social club bar feel with wide-screen televisions, where they will offer a special selection of Whiskeys, Scotches, and more than 50 International handcrafted beers, that will be complimented by a variety of house crafted (ship prepared) snack food fare.

There are planned a number of enhancements to the Lawn Club area as well. First, they will add an additional eight private cabana alcoves (that will be able to accommodate up to four people), which will be available for rental either full or partial days and each will come Wi-Fi equipped as well. There will be the  addition of a wonderful new area called “The Porch”, which will feature a 48 seat dining venue, overlooking the Lawn Club area and will offer breakfast and lunch (complimentary), but will feature Gourmet Coffees, Wine, and Beer (for a fee of course), all which will come in a more relaxed beach resort  atmosphere.

That which used to known as the “Team Earth” (interactive environmental exhibition) has been craftily remade into a Hideaway (Quiet spot) where you can relax, read a book, or listen to your music. They will even have capability for your use of on-board apple equipment in this new venue. Not to mention that they intend to offer their selection of (fee) gourmet coffee blends here too!

This amazing ship will also feature some stateroom enhancements as well, with the addition of 17 newly designed staterooms and suites not presently offered on her other sister ships in the solstice class. As you can see, this Solstice Class ship will not only be the newest, but will come with a lot of something different as well! – Bon Voyage Cruisers!

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