The Ultimate Money Saving Cruise Tips and Strategy Guide

Some Great Money Saving

Tips and Strategies

While On A Cruise

Saving money on a cruise vacation doesn’t require any special club membership (though don’t overlook the savings possibilities from membership in travel clubs), nor  particular cruise line loyalty programs (once again, don’t pass-up on those extra little perks that can come your way if you do), nor does it require that you barricade yourself inside your stateroom for the duration of your voyage.

There are several sensible key strategies that YOU can employ that will go a long way in getting the Best possible value for your cruise dollar. I don’t begin to profess at having ALL of the answers to helping you to save money, but for my years of experience in the professional cruise planning business, I can provide you with what is certain to be my top five list. While they may not be considered closely guarded trade secrets; they are without question true methodologies that when implemented, can help in saving you lots of money.

  1. SEARCHING FOR YOUR ULTIMATE CRUISE: Consider utilizing the services of a travel professional as compared to just “going-it-on-your-own” on the Internet. This tip can not only save you Money, but lots of personal time you can waste shopping while really not knowing if one cruise may be comparable to another or not. Especially consider using an agent or agency who is associated with a Travel Consortium i.e. Cruise Holidays, Travel Leaders etc. (the larger the better). Oftentimes these huge consortium providers just due to their sheer volume of agents, and locations throughout the world may be able to offer you some specially negotiated rates, and or added value amenities into your cruise vacation, that other (smaller) independent agencies cannot. Also with a larger number of agents planning cruises, they may be holding allotted “group space” on the very sailing you may have interest in taking, which could afford you great cruise fares, with added group incentive amenities. It doesn’t take too many bottles of wine, on board cruise account credits, and other frills to add up pretty quickly in a great deal for YOU. Ready for the best part? It costs you NOTHING, for this service as the agent is paid a commission directly from the cruise line, exactly in the same manner as the Internet Service is also paid. You can READ UP further about this topic (just click here) to be taken to my article on the Pros and Cons, of  Booking via Internet vs. through an Agent.

 2.    HELPFUL IF YOU HAVE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING AS TO HOW CRUISE PRICES WORK: You should know that Cruise Fares, Air Fares, and Hotel Rates generally will be at their highest any time that school systems are on break. Times such as Christmas and New Years week, along with Spring  Break, as especially during summer dismissal periods. This is because they know that parents will not generally leave the children out, when it comes to vacation. Just be prepared in advance to understand that while they may offer special children’s rates, that YOUR stateroom(s) prices, airfare, and hotel rates are going to be higher than other times of the year. CRUISE TIP – Cheapest week to cruise is normally the week before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Airfare TIP – Normally the best day to book your airfares will be on Tuesdays! I’ve just given you but a snippet of information here. You may wish to READ MORE on this topic (by clicking here) to see more details on the subject of Cruise Line Pricing.

 3.       SOME BASIC CRUISE SAILING DEALS: There are some really good cruise deals that are always available just for the booking. The first category is What I like to call Shorties. While your basic cruise will normally last for 7 or 8 days, These bargain priced shorter cruises are 3,4,or 5 day sailings that typically take-in destinations that US Citizens can indulge in without need for a passport. Especially those on the East Coast, that visit the Bahamas, and on the West Coast that routinely visit the Baja California area. While they may stop in Ensenada (which is a border town) hence no need for a passport on these sailings as well. However I should point out, that it is always best to not only have a passport, but have it in your possession. Particularly, if something goes wrong, and you should become separated from the ship, and unable to make it back onto your ship. You will be faced with a most difficult venture in getting back to the states without a passport. The next category of deals are somewhat similar being cruise ship Repositioning Sailings and Transatlantic Sailings. Generally these are absolutely great deals, as the cruise lines often discount these sailings, and many times you can wind up (in the case of Transatlantic sailings) be able to cruise for 18 to 21 days, for the price you would normally pay for 11 to 14 days. So these are always a great value for the money. If you would like to read more about this subject. (Click Here) for my article on Finding Great Cruise Deals.

 4.     MONEY SAVING TIPS ONCE ON BOARD: Now that you have purchased your cruise and made your way to embarkation and cruise day one, you find that there is much to do and check out on your cruise vessel. But a word of caution. Beware that while there are many activities and “things” available for you to partake in, they are NOT necessarily FEE FREE. Things like the Casino, Shore Excursions, Photo and Portrait Sessions, Internet Access, and even getting Cash Advances can cost you. So let me fill you in on some of the many ways that you can get around both on your ship, as well as tips on avoiding a huge on-board account billing at the conclusion of your voyage. Check out my FREE E-Book on the topic of Ways to Save Money while on-board your cruise. Just (click here) to view a copy of this free material, which is packed full of money-saving strategies. Note: While I discuss the advantage of Alcohol and Beverage Package offerings, the next subject relates to this specific topic in much greater detail.

5.      SPECIAL SAVINGS/PACKAGE VALUES YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: When it comes to those dreaded final on-board cruise account billings, oftentimes the biggest culprit, to post cruise blues (especially for most first time cruisers, as well as the party pirates among us). These are charges that can really add up fast, from the purchase of soda and alcoholic beverages while on your cruise. I have provided yet another FREE E-Book, that is dedicated to just this very subject matter alone which you can view in its entirety (by clicking here). You will be able to check out by cruise line, the various packages, descriptions, and prices that you can take advantage of so that you are way better prepared, and to save you a great deal of bounty to keep as your booty!

So there you have it, some really fantastic tips and strategies for saving money while on your cruise adventure. Hope you find them to be most helpful!

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  2. Vinny says:

    Great article, thank you again for writing.

  3. Grace lynn says:

    I admit that I’m not easily impressed. . . but this item really impresses me! 🙂

  4. Rose says:

    thanks Mike,still wondering about the gratuties, i dont believe they are compulsory!!and that l can’t have it taken off my bill????

    • Dear Rose,
      While you are correct that you generally cannot get them totally removed. Should you experience poor service you can normally have the amounts of the gratuities adjusted by the front desk! Thanks for your comment – CruisewithMike

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