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The Great Unknowns!!

It never fails that at least once or twice each day I see a tweet from a twitter who’s still wet behind the beak that has sent (auto generated more likely) a tweet that says they have been wronged!! They have been Un-followed (you poor baby bird). While there are several reasons that you may become unfollowed by another, and while most, are due to no fault on your part; bear in mind that people can (and do) have the freedom to decide that they really don’t wish to follow you. They may have decided that they don’t really care for your content (what you tweet about), or They might think you Tweet too Much. (5 to 10 messages in a row is way too much for my liking), so you may wish to tone it down. Another big turn-off, is for someone I don’t know or have some type of confidence in trying to sell or push something onto me like Spammers which you can typically spot as they will have no followers or follows. Or, it could also be as a result of pending, or resulting actions of removal by Twitter itself.  At any rate, if you intend to hang around the twitter tree very long, you best get used to it. However, there is one reason why you may have been unfollowed, and the best way YOU can eliminate them from happening, is called Follow-Back!

One of the things I really like about Social Media is that there have been many folks willing to go out of their way to help me, and explain things to me, which is the intent of this post itself! To Inform You. In case no-one has ever bothered to tell you this, it is most likely that they really could care less about helping you. So at least if nothing else I accomplish through this post, you will at least get the “idea” that I rather enjoy helping folks grow their twitter following. You might say I am a bird of a different feather! OK so let’s take a look at one reason for un-follows, that you can control and do something about!

First, you should know that for twitters who are more than 2500 followers that the “Rules” are different for them (unlike for you) in ways that they are allowed to follow others. They are VERY MUCH RESTRICTED in the number (both by total), as well as the percentage of followers compared to their number of follows that they can follow at any given time. Many utilize auto managers that assist them with this process. For to go “overlimit” can cause them to be penalized in their growing ability, by having their service restricted for a week, and/or other more severe ramifications could occur.

The Big Picture and goal behind twitter is to “follow” folks who you have chosen as likely prospects, and hopefully they will “follow” you back. The problem is once you cross the 2500 follower threshold, you are seriously constrained to the point, that anyone you follow who doesn’t follow you back is, (I hate to say this), TAKING UP POTENTIAL FOLLOW SPACE. So much so, that the only logical approach is to UNFOLLOW THEM.

I am always amazed at the number of new comers to twitter, that have somehow  managed to fall prey into the “SPAM” worry trap, by companies that capture their attention thru Spamming Them into purchasing their product(s) in order to get the protection from “other” spammers. Not realizing that if (and when) any real true tweet doing their diligent research as to prospects will generally read a potential prospects “string” or timeline of messages that pretty much lets you know what kind of a tweet this person truly is; i.e., do they interact well with other tweets, do they seem personable, do they re-tweet  often (which is), a popular attribute that many folks search for in others that they seek to follow.

The real problem that some new tweebs do not comprehend, is that when someone looking at them (or in this case YOU) as a potential person to follow, and sees such entries in their strings mentioning on a recurring basis (that so and so unfollowed me today), that there exists an inherent danger that such a prospect might view  YOU as unlikely to follow THEM back. Consequently, they don’t follow you to begin with, and whats even worse, YOU are unaware as to why your followings aren’t growing as quickly as you would like them to. Truth be told, the ones who are not concerned about whether you follow them back or not, are probably either spammers, or folks that really aren’t genuine tweets, that will never afford you any true benefit from following them.

Wise Up, my fellow tweebs if I were you, I would at least deactivate those “auto announce” features on your follow monitoring services, or if there is no capability to do so, then you should drop your service like a hot rock! As the very service you purchased (or signed up for), to stop spam and help you, is going to take you right to the very destination you wanted to avoid. Non Success in your twitter efforts. Not to mention it will actually stagnate and keep you from growing your twitter following, which probably was the reason you purchased the follow monitor service to begin with I would imagine.

Trust me when I tell you, that eventually everyone that crosses that first golden threshold of 2500 followers will un-follow anyone who doesn’t follow them back. So to recap; What is it that YOU can do to help eliminate the pervasive problem of un-follows?

  1. Either deactivate the auto message feature, or (if not possible) drop the service.
  2. YOU need to be more vigilant about following folks back. Since the only person to blame in this particular situation is Yourself!

Good Luck in your twitter advancement and may you achieve success in your social media  endeavors! Hopefully you shall become a Happy Tweet!!

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    I thank you much for the article. Some things I was unaware of. Thanks for sharing your post. Kayleigh

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