Carnival’s Newest Cruiseship “The Magic” A Tour and Review

Carnival’s Newest Cruiseship

As “Magic” makes her Debut

Carnival Cruise Lines has just recently unfurled their most recent addition to their fleet with the 130,000 ton, 3690 Passenger cruise ship “Magic”. The second of their DREAM CLASS of ships, and pretty much a reasonable facsimile to her sister ship “Dream” which was launched in September of 2009. Be sure to check out a video on all this new ship has to offer (click here) to view.

Fun and Relaxation: The New Magic will be sporting some nicer accommodations for the Carnival fleet with a huge Adults Only Serenity Pool Area. A very spacious Cloud 9 spa area. Naturally as has become standard for the fleet with Waterworks, corkscrew and bowl slide areas.  The “Dump Bucket” (an industry first), which is a 500 gallon dump-bucket feature that will compliment the entire Waterworks splash effects.


Eating and Drinking (both well-known on Carnival Fun Ships) gets stepped up with a fancy upscale Italian Cuisine venue called Cucina del Capitano (spanish for The Captains Kitchen), which features delectable homemade pasta dishes, and a bountiful wine list served up by a delightful singing wait staff. Speaking of upscale, you will want to be sure to check out a definite first-of-it’s-kind on Carnival ships The Red Frog, which is a 100 seat indoor-outdoor Caribbean laid-back theme pub, serving up among others it’s very own Thirsty Frog Red (private labeled beer) and certainly should be a real crowd pleaser.

Carnival has ramped-up its game as well. Sports Square, which is their outdoor recreational activities area will have much to do with being able to work off some of those pasta calories, including an outdoor weightlifting area. Great for a workout and spectators to boost your ego and you boost your physique. as will Sky Fitness which offers an outdoorsy workout approach. A fantastically challenging Ropes Course at Sea will allow cruisers the opportunity to safety vest up, and take a crack at the swinging ropes Bridge course, which will be laid out over netting along the ships top deck (some 150 feet below to the water line). Hold on with this activity for sure! Not sure I personally will do this one, but I’m sure there’s a line waiting to do so! Also will be the Sports Court area, offering volleyball, basketball, and soccer, not to mention the Vita exercise course(which is an 8 mile long Walking Track), is sure to keep you ship-shape, as well as Ping-Pong and Foosball tables for some double illumination fun! Oh Yeah don’t forget to check out the fabulous Two-Story Miniature Golf Course feature on-board as well.

Innovation, and Imagination certainly don’t stop there. Carnival has changed-up with new Family stateroom accommodations as well, especially with the launching of her new 5 Bed, 2 Bath Family in Mind Staterooms, which number only about 20 that are available on-board. Each features not more room mind you, merely more sleeping berths, and like Disney family staterooms has one full size bath, and then another separate bath area with sink and junior bathtub. Which will surely become popular very quickly I would think. They are all situated on Deck One, so they are conveniently located, and easier on families in getting on, and getting off the ship for sure.

Since her coronation ceremonies and maiden voyage, Magic has been undertaking Mediterranean sailings and then is scheduled to make her way later this year to the States where she will make her new home port in Galveston Texas, so all you folks located in and close to the Lone Star State should be making ready for this handsome new vessel coming your way.

It is interesting to note, that Carnival seems to be trumping Disney’s announcement that their own version of The Magic, has been slated for arrival into her new home port of Galveston (as well), but not until September of 2012. Sounds like lots of magic could be in store for this Texas port, which already features one of Royal Caribbean’s all time favorite ships, the Mariner of the Seas. Guess we’ll all just have to Cowboy Up, and get ready for the cruise competition possibilities to come! But alas, when she makes her Texas debut on November 14, 2011 Carnival’s Magic will be the largest year-round passenger cruise ship serving the Port of Galveston.

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