When Your Best Made TRAVEL PLANS Go Wrong or Bad, What To Do?

WHAT TO DO, When Travel Plans

Go array!  Some Tips that may help you!

Important Pre-Trip Information: First and foremost the very best defense against travel tragedies is to plan for a good offense and that equals having not only adequate, but proper insurance and travel protection coverage. With so many different points and policy coverage’s available, may I suggest that you check out My Free E-Book on (Travel Insurance)You can also read some information on the subject of Emergency Medical Evacuations at Sea, and why proper travel protection coverage is paramount, which you can read all about by (clicking here) . When we talk about Travel, seldom is there mention with regards to Things That Could Go Wrong While Vacationing. With so much that can go wrong, check out the (video here) , from Traffic Jams just getting to the airport, to flight delays and cancellations, to bad weather, or bad forms of unexpected travel; there is much to deal with out there in the travel world. So, why don’t we review but a few of the situations that can and do go wrong when travelling, and what you can do to get past them better!

Just Leaving Home, can turn out badly for you. What do you do when your airport ride falls through? Well one way to overcome such obstacles, is to be sure to have adequately planned for such contingencies. By that I mean, prior to your departure date you should have talked with friends, family, or anyone located nearby to you, who would be willing in an instant to come by and pick you up, and drop you off at your terminal. Also another good back up is to have numbers handy for 24 hour airport taxis. While you may have excellent Public Transportation means to get to the airport, these should be last resorts. How well I recount my flight attendant days when I used to fumble and fight my skimpy size luggage onto and off of public transit buses. While generally reliable, certainly not so enjoyable a means or experience!

Many larger metropolitan areas have airport shuttle services, but be careful as to relying on them as a potential backup, as they generally require advanced reservations. So here, the Secret to Success with respect to getting to your first destination (the airport), is to have a ready and viable “back-up” option in place should you need it. Also there is always the option of driving yourself to the airport, so you may wish to check with the local airport hotels as often times they offer “park and fly” specials which are far cheaper than the usual off airport parking facilities, and your vehicle will be less likely to fall victim to tampering. Remember, this is all work you will want to research well in advance.

Problems with your flight(s): Ok! So now you’ve made it to the airport, only to find that your flight has been delayed, or even worse cancelled. Now what do you do? There a number of important things to know when such situations arise. As a former flight attendant, I well remember that few were the days when SOMETHING didn’t occur that would either cause us to fly out delayed or even worse yet CANCELLED. I have put together some pointers and suggestions on things you can do to help in these situations. It’s important to know what your options are at times when you may tend to get confused. You can (click here) to view that article’s contents in its entirety.

Cruise situations that may arise: If you happen to be cruising, when a problem or situation occurs it is important to remember that writing an angry letter once back home will oftentimes lead to nothing getting done. Actually don’t be surprised if you don’t even get a response. Especially if your letter contained phases such as; “I shall never again cruise your line”. Since they figure they have already lost a customer, and merely “file 13” your complaint! WHEN problems crop up (and they will), be sure that you have them addressed by the appropriate person/personnel who can actually have something done about your displeasure, and then MOVE ON with you vacation. I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed someone on a cruise of mine, having a single bad experience, only to allow it to ruin their (and others around them) entire vacation experience! I would urge you to make every reasonable effort to contact your agent immediately (if possible), so that they can offer you the best advice and assistance possible at resolving the issues/concerns while you are aboard the cruise ship, as (previously mentioned), the Cruise lines as a practice do little or nothing to act on complaints or experiences POST CRUISE. Simply put, Guest Services, Guest Relations Desk or Manager, Front Desk Manager or Assistant, and ultimately the Hotel Director/Manager (not Cruise Director) are key individuals at resolving most issues. If you are cruising in a suite, there may also be assistance through your concierge desk personnel.   That’s information that’s really Good to know, before you Go!

It is important to be a good complainer!  When traveling, or away from home and you  find yourself in strange surroundings or encounter problems or situations; Be sure to exude Patience, Understanding, and Graciousness towards everyone you find yourself having to deal with. As American’s, we already take on some bad reputations around the World today, so here is your chance to change opinion. Especially in your tone and inflection of voice. Your gestures, posture, and facial expressions are key. Just be willing to go an extra measure. Then sit back and watch. You’ll be surprised at the response and results that come back to you! Just give a try. It is also just as important to be sure that what you are asking for is within the realm of reality to being granted. Obviously if winter storms or weather somewhere in the world is affecting air travel, they will not be able to get you to your destination on time. So asking or demanding such to happen is not a reasonable expectation on your part!

In Summary: If you travel enough, you are destined to encounter problems or situations that will crop up from time to time. When problems do occur, seldom if ever do they take place when it is most convenient. It is very important to remember, that how you approach their resolution can mean the difference between success, and failure. So many vacation goers have had their Dream- Vacation- of- a- lifetime turn out to be the Nightmare-Adventure, simply due to a lack of adequate planning, or not knowing just what they were purchasing, or not having someone they could trust and rely on (not only) to help them with the front (booking) side of the trip, but someone who is by their side every step of the journey, especially when snow, volcanoes, airline strikes, or civil unrest closes down not just airports, but entire countries (or portions thereof). Only to be left with toll-free phone numbers that don’t work internationally, or merely refer you back to the air carrier, hotel, or other service provider that is the source of the problem for them to begin with. Travel Agents and Cruise Consultants cost you nothing more to have, and are able to offer the very same prices from the cruise lines and internet sites, as well as being your best friend in times of travel trouble. So then the question really is, why wouldn’t you welcome their services.

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