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Cruise Stories Shared

Compass Directions – A New Friday Edition

Beginning this coming Friday (July 22, 2011) we will begin a new Friday Blog Post which we will call COMPASS DIRECTIONS. Mostly it will be featuring shared CRUISE STORIES,  and Travel related experiences that our customers, clients, readers, and other submissions send to us. We believe that this new article feature will bring us some interesting and thought provoking reading for you, our dedicated viewers. We will also feature from time to time nautical prose and fitting quotations from famous people that will be subject related.

The Bar Mitzvah

That nearly wasn’t!!!!

 Our first story we think has merit is one which was recently shared by Adam Goldstein, who is the President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. This story is without question, so much of what we as professional cruise planners are actually confronted with on a daily basis. This event was recently showcased in the Cruise Lines “WOW” publication. The following includes excerpts and portions that were taken from that publication.

Mr. Goldstein relates this story about a family that excitedly arrived at the pier to check in for Liberty of the Seas in honor of their son’s Bar Mitzvah. There was only one problem: the family had no documentation for the son whatsoever. Basically US Boarder and Customs require that every child who is at least 16 years of age (or older), must have in their possession a valid passport issued by a government authorized entity. Another requirement for children who are age 15 and under, is that they are required to have a certified record of birth certificate in order to be able to board the vessel. While there are other important regulations, these are the basic ones we’ll mention in passing here.

Notwithstanding that our in-house agents and our travel partners always make efforts to communicate the documentation requirements in conversation, brochures, eDocs, web sites pre-check-in, and various other ways, but for whatever reason these guests did not have anything in the way of acceptable documentation for their son. With the sands running out of the hourglass and no family back home, which was a thousand or so miles from the ship, they were able to arrange for a friend to break into their house via the back door window, find and fax the necessary documents. The Bar Mitzvah present was barely preserved with only minutes to spare.

Many times the problems showcased here rarely occur with folks who are avid cruisers, or those that have had the assistance of a professional cruise planner, or travel agent assisting them, but for the multitude of would be cruisers that for whatever reason choose to go it on their own, with an internet sales service, that offers little or no after support once you have plunked down your credit card or check to pay for your cruise vacation. It’s really important that YOU (the passenger) understand, and are aware of all of the pre-boarding documentation requirements prior to arriving at your ship on EMBARKATION Day.

In order to reduce and or eliminate any potential pitfalls you could find yourself in, I would recommend that you take a look at a very informative article we have put together that covers most every topic you need to be aware of titled CRUISE THINGS GOOD TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. You can view this article in its entirety by (clicking here).

Do you have an interesting or humorous Cruise Story you’d like to share? We would like to INVITE YOU, our viewers and readers to send us your cruise and/or travel related stories. They need not be lengthy. Generally a few paragraphs are normally sufficient. Also, you needn’t be concerned about writing style or content. We will gladly put your contributions into an appropriate context, to make for an interesting read. Please send your story content to . Content will work best if in word (.doc or .docx) formats. You are also welcome to send along any photos you would like to have featured as well. We would however request that those be in (.jpg) or compatible formats.

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