Top Ten Worst Places to Travel to or Visit

Ten Worst Places to Travel to

Or Visit (medical safety wise)

Advanced hospital trauma care for Medical Emergencies isn’t usually on the list of things most families think about when making their summer travel plans. But it might interest you to know just how remote some popular U.S. vacation spots are, at least when it comes to access to the kind of care that saves lives in cases of severe or sudden illness or injury.

Recently, the American Trauma Society released a report outlining “safety” and “danger zones” as to whether an area you might be located in, is situated within 45 minutes to an hour away from advanced trauma care, either by ambulance or helicopter, in case of a health emergency. 

If you were to plot these “safety zones” on a map of the United States, you’d see blotches of safety concentrated around much of the coastal regions, and in the Midwest, but, alarmingly, broad swaths of the country, particularly rural areas extending from the deep South to the central and mountain zones of the U.S., lack access to timely, lifesaving care for the most serious injuries.

These Ten Worst “danger zones” include some of the most popular tourist spots for Americans, like:


 Yellowstone National Park

California’s Yosemite

Arizona’s Grand Canyon

Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

New York’s Lake George and Montauk


Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Florida’s Key West.

To make matters worse, these “danger zones” are associated with higher car-crash death rates. The real problem is part of a larger crisis in access to trauma care in rural America, fueled in part by a growing shortage of medical and surgical specialists in these areas, and the results are stark: where you live, work and play can make a significant difference in your health, especially when it comes to unplanned, time-sensitive medical problems. 

Such urgent trauma emergencies are different from other medical conditions that unfold over time and allow people to weigh their medical-care options. In these cases, it’s clear that access to better care can lead to better outcomes. In contrast, emergent cases involving stroke, heart attack or car crashes are sudden and often deadly — so much so that they seem like “acts of god,” those whose fated outcomes seem unlikely to be influenced by mere medical intervention.

While most medical emergencies (even injuries) don’t need immediate specialized care provided by specialized trauma, stroke and cardiac centers. People who live in northwest Wyoming understand that getting to a specialty hospital quickly for sudden, complicated medical problems might not be feasible. Perhaps, in one sense, it’s a trade-off they are willing to make in exchange for open land, open roads and tight-knit rural communities. But, in another sense, it’s just not fair. Everyone should have equal access to specialized trauma care when they need it, whether they’re full-time residents of rural America or urbanites going to Yellowstone National Park this summer with their families.

It is therefore, important to know and understand these limitations when making those all important Family Vacation plans. Hopefully you have found this information helpful. You may wish to see our resource on “Medical Emergencies at Sea” for an in-depth review at just how such Medical Emergencies, and Shipboard Evacuations are handled. Here is a link for that information.  .

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