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Compass Directions – A Friday Edition

Fridays are set aside for our segment on Shared Cruise Stories, which we call COMPASS DIRECTIONS. Mostly it will be featuring shared CRUISE STORIES,  and Travel related experiences that our customers, clients, readers, and other submissions send to us. We believe that these featured article(s) will bring us some interesting and thought-provoking reading for you, our dedicated viewers. We will also feature from time to time nautical prose and fitting quotations from famous people who will be subject related. Hope you enjoy!

From Ann T. in GA comes

“Embarrassed at Dinner”  My absolute most embarrassing situation I ever encountered while cruising happened when I was on an Alaskan cruise with my friend. Although she did not accompany me to the “Formal Dining Room” on our first night’s sailing adventure, so with myself “all dolled up”, off I went. This was only my second cruise, but I wasn’t worried since my friend had several under her belt. I was one of the first to arrive at dinner, and I confidently blurted out “table (so and so) please”! Giving an appearance that I knew what I was doing.

No one from the Dining Room wait staff questioned me, as they seated me very promptly and I sat there waiting until what seemed an eternity. Finally a group of elderly people started to seat themselves at my table until after a few moments when it was apparent that they seemed puzzled that there were not enough chairs for them all.

No less than three times I said to them some version of Maybe you are at the wrong table? Only to have the Maître D come rushing directly over to me exclaiming, “Maam, you are in the wrong Dining Room”! Well, at least I was dressed alright, to be in the wrong dining room!

From Cindy P. in AZ

“Late Night Lockout”  Once while cruising with my family consisting of myself and my daughter(in a room together), My Mom and Dad, My Brother and His wife, and two travel spinster Aunts. I found myself alone in the Casino on the Final Night of the Cruise, when I looked at my watch only to see that it was almost 2am. Then I remembered OMG! I had forgotten to put out my luggage.

I made a mad dash back to my room, dodging all of the luggage in my hallway having not yet been picked up, then fumbling with my room key and finally getting into the room and finding my daughter fast asleep with her bags packed but not set outside in the hallway. Fortunately, I had already packed most everything before dinner.

Hurriedly I laid out my nightgown, and tomorrows clothes, put on my gown and thinking (to myself) how smart I would be using my largest (and heaviest bag) to prop the door open in order to set all of our bags out into the hallway, as ships crew still was just now beginning to work at the far end of our deck level picking up luggage.

As the baggage handlers came closer to my room, the level of urgency outgrew my sense of awareness as I pulled the last bag mine from the doorway, turning around to set it against the hallway wall, only to hear the distinct WHAM! of my stateroom door slamming shut. There I was wearing nothing but a rather shear nightgown, with no ships steward to let me back into my room. What was I thinking? Knocking, and then pounding on my door but getting no response from my daughter who was still sound asleep.

So I thought I would check with my Mom and Dad’s room (next-door), but  I didn’t get any response their either. Just then, the doorway across the hall opened and an elderly gentleman clad in only his boxers, asked if he could help. He allowed me to use his phone to call for help to get me back into my room. As I was leaving his room, his wife awoke asking him who and what this woman (meaning me) was doing in their room. I explained how nice they both were to have allowed me to use their phone. (Just as my steward arrived). Suddenly my daughter flung open our door looking stunned at me in my nighty, and the kindly gentleman (now standing) in the hallway as well in just his underwear. Needless to say, I make doubly sure to leave a space for my last bag immediately next to the doorway, so I can stand in it (with room key in my teeth) when setting out my luggage now.

From Chris P. in OR                   

“Convenience at a price” Deciding how nice it would be, to take a cruise close to family and home, I had embarked on a  Cruise, sailing out of Astoria Oregon.

Unfortunately, I fell victim to the effects of seasickness shortly after our departure from the port, only to find out later (when reading up on the subject) that it turns out, the waters of the Pacific Northwest are rather well-known for their being roughest, (next to Kodiak AK) which is one of the reasons why the U.S. Coast Guard favors them so well, for Search and Rescue training purposes and exercises.

Not to worry though, as I managed to be only suffering from a queasy stomach by dinner time, once we were in somewhat smoother waters. Despite the rough going, I managed to have a wonderful rest of my cruise.

I have not allowed this little learning experience to put a damper on my cruising either, as I find a Cruise to be a fun and exciting method of travel which I enjoy so much! Just be mindful of your natural surroundings!

We wish to THANK our Contributors for their sharing their cruise experiences with us!! Be sure to check out our other editions of Compass Directions for more funny cruise stories. Just click on the Edition number No.1, Edition number No.2, Edition number No.3, Edition number No.4, to see each seperate article.

Do you have an interesting or humorous Cruise Story you’d like to share? We would like to INVITE YOU, our viewers and readers to send us your cruise and/or travel related stories. They need not be lengthy. Generally a few paragraphs are normally sufficient. Also, you needn’t be concerned about writing style or content. We will gladly put your contributions into an appropriate context, to make for an interesting read. Please send your story content to . Content will work best if in word (.doc or .docx) formats. You are also welcome to send along any photos you would like to have featured as well. We would however request that those be in (.jpg) or compatible formats.

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