Shared CRUISE STORIES, from our “Compass Directions” series


Cruise Stories Shared

Compass Directions – Our Friday Edition

We are pleased to offer another edition of our Friday Blog Post which we call COMPASS DIRECTIONS. Mostly it will feature shared CRUISE STORIES,  and Travel related experiences that our customers, clients, readers, and other submissions send to us. We believe that this article feature will offer some interesting and thought provoking reading for you, our dedicated viewers. We will also feature from time to time nautical prose and fitting quotations from famous people that will be subject related.

Shared Cruise Stories


From Wanda P, in CA

“Nowhere for Underwear”  We were on a Baja Cruise out of Long Beach and I am one who is generally ALWAYS on top of my packing game, and consider myself to be very organized. Unfortunately before departing for my cruise I had worked extra long hours for several days prior to my departure in order to avoid having to take so much vacation time, so in this case I really wasn’t at my normal best.

Once we were boarded I had left my husband to unpack all the luggage, while I went to get some lotion from the shipboard shops. Subsequently we were so tired that we decided to forgo the formal dining room for the first night, and opted to just dine casual so we didn’t have to change clothes. I didn’t realize I hadn’t packed any underwear until pulling into port the next morning. I quickly proceeded downstairs finding that the ships shops were all closed (which of course they were as we are in port), DAH! So I decided to head off the ship (praying not to get caught in a possible strip search in my two day old tidies), only to find that Sunday had all but the tawdry souvenir shops closed. Actually I still have them in a special place, in my special drawer as they all read “Having Fun in Catalina” on them!!

From Warren T, in AZ

“I now just Cruise Casual”. For years I had always been a stickler for wearing a coat and tie to dinner each night when dining in the formal dining room. A couple of years ago while my wife and I were on an Alaskan Cruise I realized after getting on the ship, that I hadn’t packed a single tie. So I immediately made way to the ships store to purchase some ties. The only other thing I am a diehard about, is NOT overpaying for anything while on-board a ship. In my mind $45-$60 for a tie, was absolutely outrageous, but I did manage to find a tie that would go with most of my shirts at a discounted priced (and if you saw it you would understand why).

That night at dinner I wore the tie (though I hated it) and once in the formal dining room, no one at my table was dressed up, nor were any others  at the tables nearby. So I promptly removed the tie and placed it in my jacket pocket. Nowadays, I just dress “cruise casual” and don’t worry about remembering to bring my ties. However, my wife generally puts a few aside in her suitcase for me just in case I get the urge, and for formal nights!


From John B, in AK

“My first time on the Throne” It was our First Cruise. Not ever having been in a Cruise ship bathroom before , let alone understanding how the commode worked. I remembered just how inconveniently  the flush button seemed to be located. Couldn’t figure out how to activate the button without standing up. Finally I managed to wrangle my body into a contorted manner, and Alas! I achieved my objective.

Pushing the flush button, while I was still seated provided me with a most unusual experience. The accompanying vacuum action nearly sucked me in, and startled me so badly that I screamed. The wife came running wanting to know if everything was OK? I confessed in needing her assist to help me “out” of my stuck predicament. Needless to say that I know better now, but it was certainly one of those First Timer Moments you are able to look back on. Fondly? Not so much…Funny? Pretty much!!

From a Blonde, in Ont.CN

“Legendary Red Light Experience” This incident occurred while I was a passenger on the Carnival Legend a few  years back. I was sailing with some family members on a cruise which included my uncle “Buck”, who’s demeanor fills the expectations bill of the original quite well as a “prankster extraordinaire”. We were all gathered in the formal dining room,  which had a multitude of Red Lights located throughout. I had mentioned how marvelous this whole ship experience had been so fun filled and exciting, to which my uncle buck replied, “yeah and it will stay that way as long as you don’t press any of those red (lights) buttons”.

I asked what would happen, to which Uncle Buck promptly  replied, “they are emergency stop buttons”. Thinking he was being his usual outlandish self, I responded yeah right, and with that I leaned over and touched one of the nearby lights, and sure enough we all felt a sudden shuttering surge and then what was certainly the ship slowing to a dead stop in the water. I was so upset at what had happened, I left the table and headed directly back to my room where I barricaded myself into solitude. Never at all knowing that the ship had stopped to remove (evacuate) an ill passenger from the ship.

Needless to say, whenever someone mentions anything related to a cruise, I can’t help but flash back to those darn red lights on that cruise ship. But to all my fellow blondes out there, don’t let anyone fool you into believing that they are emergency stop buttons.

 In order to reduce and or eliminate any potential pitfalls you could find yourself in, I would recommend that you take a look at a very informative article we have put together that covers most every topic you need to be aware of titled CRUISE THINGS GOOD TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. You can view this article in its entirety by (clicking here).

Do you have an interesting or humorous Cruise Story you’d like to share? We would like to INVITE YOU, our viewers and readers to send us your cruise and/or travel related stories. They need not be lengthy. Generally a few paragraphs are normally sufficient. Also don’t be concerned about writing style or content, as we will gladly put your contributions into an appropriate context, to make for an interesting read. Please send your story content to, content will work best if in word (.doc or .docx) formats. You are also welcome to send along any photos you would like to have featured as well. We would only request that those be in (.jpg) or compatible formats.

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8 Responses to Shared CRUISE STORIES, from our “Compass Directions” series

  1. Adrien says:

    Pretty insightful. Thanks!

  2. Wilma says:

    What a refreshing idea. More blog sites could use a dash of humor. The stories are quite amusing to read! Hope you keep this up! thanks

  3. Bernice says:

    Really interesting blog, like the humoerous side. Keep up the good work!

  4. Bob & Missy Schack says:

    Hi Mike,
    I’m on my second cup of coffee here at Starbucks. Catching up on all of the world news with my “Drinking Buddies”, as my wife likes to refer to them:-). Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that I finally took a moment to read your Compass articles. I like them. Hope you Keep ’em coming! I hope you and yours are able to enjoy a little bit of fun this Labor Day weekend too!

    • Dear Bob and Missy Schack,
      Appreciate your comments very much. Glad you found the articles interesting reading! Do hope you visit back with us often.Thanks Again my friend!-CruisewithMike

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