Should you book a cruise

During hurricane season?

Well here we are once again into the teeth of  Hurricane Season and we have our first major storm threat of the year actually affecting Cruise Ship operations.

Many people ask when is Hurricane Season anyway? Officially Hurricane season for the ATLANTIC begins on June 1st and runs through November 30th of each year, although generally the bulk of the season’s problem storms actually take place between August and October. While the official storm season for the PACIFIC runs from May 15th to November 30th.

There is good news for those who are planning to take a cruise during this time of year. There is a real benefit to taking a cruise as compared to taking say a land based travel vacation during hurricane prone times, as when on a Land Based Vacation, you have the decision to risk trying to tough out a storm and its potential ravaging effects, or to scurry to the airport and try to get yourself back home before the approaching devastation strikes.

In the case of a Cruise Vacation, Cruise lines have become very adept at being able to not only forecast, but to make needed changes in their sailing itineraries. They can reverse the order of their port calls, and even remain in some ports overnight (which is really a cool option for the passengers) in order to bypass storms and their imposing consequences, making cruises a much better vacation option.

Many times people ask me is it even worth planning to take a cruise vacation during the Hurricane Season to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Bermuda, or anywhere else during the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The short answer is YOU BETCHA! Especially in situations where say the previous year’s season played absolute havoc with the Cruise Lines (as was the case last year) as the Cruise Lines will be offering some awesome deals (like Raining Sales) to try to countermand the effects of a previous bad season because of it. This brings us to the issue of Cruise Safety at sea.

Today’s modern cruise ships are equipped with state of the art, high-tech imagery and radar systems that help aid them in navigating around, and away from the effects of storms during Hurricane Season. They also feature marvelous stabilizer systems, (both forward and aft) which are like giant underwater wings that hydraulically extend outward from the ships underbelly, that act as giant smoothing fins that enable the ships ride to be far more stabilized from the otherwise torrid effects from rough seas that can be encountered. Even the speeds of our modern fleets make them able to navigate and out run potential storms effects and hazards that could potentially present themselves. So in every way, our present day vessels are far and away an improvement over those of years gone by.

 Remember that just as important to your safety, is that YOU want to be sure to be able to remain flexible in your vacation plans. In short, you need to be ready, willing, and able to make sudden changes in your scheduled itinerary which can include having to extend a day or two on either (or both) ends of your travel plans. You should never have to fret the consequences of your cruise ship having to be re-routed to avoid the effects of potential storms. First, cruise lines typically will compensate their customers in cases where ports have to be deviated from. Additionally this is an area where adequate trip insurance coverage can offer you compensation over and above your losses if and should they occur. So your attitude should be “bring it on storm man”, provided you have secured adequate travel protection insurance. Things such as (flight changes, hotels, etc), should NOT be a worry- as this will all be either taken care for you in advance, (this is also where your cruise consultant or travel agent can be a big help), or at worst case refunded back to you from your insurance provider. The best part is that the typical cost of coverage for a well-chosen insurance policy is normally around 4 to 6 percent of the cost of your vacation. Yep! That’s All! So don’t leave home without it!

As we have mentioned;  Insurance, it is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you are prepared for any unforeseen changes to your vacation plans that could take place. You just want to be totally sure that your travel insurance provides adequate coverage for travel disruption in case of weather related events. So while it is ALWAYS IMPORTANT to have adequate travel protection insurance coverage for every vacation and trip you undertake, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you purchase such coverage, when making travel plans during the Hurricane Season.

Just what are the odds that your planned cruise may become affected by a hurricane or tropical depression? Well first, it depends on exactly when you plan for your cruise. But if it should be between August and October, chances are likely that you could find your cruise schedule or itinerary to become affected in some way due to a hurricane or storm. While the chances of actually being caught in one with today’s modern equipped fleet is basically slim to none.

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