Shared Cruise Stories No.6, our Compass Directions Series

Cruise Stories Shared

Compass DirectionsA Friday Edition

Fridays are set aside for our segment on Shared Cruise Stories, which we call COMPASS DIRECTIONS. Mostly it will be featuring shared CRUISE STORIES,  and Travel related experiences that our customers, clients, readers, and other submissions send to us. We believe that these featured article(s) will bring us some interesting and thought provoking reading for you, our dedicated viewers. We will also feature from time to time nautical prose and fitting quotations from famous people that will be subject related. Hope you enjoy!

Well, this week we have searched the media archives to bring you some hopefully enjoyable reading, about cruise experience oddities. It is our hope that you find them enjoyable!!

 Crazy Cruise Stories

Watered Down Dessert!


Once while we were travelling on the Island Princess on a Panama Canal cruise, we had a crazy incident occur in the dining room!- The banana flambé that our waiter had been talking up to us about for days had set off the water sprinkler above a table that was next to us. While we didn’t get wet, the explosion of water caught everyone’s attention. The water came so fast and so much of it- that several waiters took turns holding up huge garbage cans and in less than a minute, they were filled. Fortunately no other sprinklers went off. Many of the lesser informed cruisers were engaging in talk amongst the tables as to the ship sinking due to the weight of the water all on that one side of the dining room, but I knew better and that made no sense, as after all; that water had already been inside the piping system, it just was now on the floor instead.

Moral of the story……It’s OK to share your thoughts out loud, but please don’t scare the newbies!

Not Going Overboard on a Shore Excursion


A few years ago while on a Holland America Family outing cruise with my sister, brother, and their spouses, we booked a snorkeling shore excursion in Nassau on a small two story boat. It was both my husbands and my first time to snorkel. My dear sister who is an absolute spend thrift had been clattering to her spouse about not spending too much money for this shore excursion, especially since she didn’t even snorkel. But, not wanting to be a spoil sport, she went along with the group anyway and just stayed on the boat. The water was a little too rough but we still went. Out in the middle of the water while going about 40 – 50 mph, my brother-in-law was standing on the back deck with his towel hanging around his neck just talking, when he decided to lean against the stairs, (thinking it was secure). NOT! It was the stairs they use to drop down to get into the water… and off the back of the boat he went, and into the water!! Everyone yells man over board, the boat crew immediately slowed down to turn around to get him, throwing him the life ring, he climbs back up the SAME stairs into the boat with everyone applauding and his dear wife says…”Honey, that’s your tip for the day”! I had already warned you about not going overboard on this excursion. Everyone had a good laugh and we went on to have a good excursion.


 Nude Beaches Anybody?


While I am often prone to motion sickness, On one recent cruise I was doing so well on the ship that I had taken off my patch.

Then we went on an excursion. After about 30 minutes of skipping and bouncing through the water in a small boat, on our way to our snorkeling destination in St. Maarten, I got really sick. I was turning green, and felt really dizzy and sick to my stomach. I was thankful that our snorkeling spot was right off shore from a private beach so I could get off the boat. I wadded to shore where I rested until I started to feel a little better. We took a few pictures and then we took a stroll down the beach.

The remainder of the cruise was dreadful, but I managed to survive it. Once we were back home and talking about the excursion and the walk down the beach. My hubby looks at me and asks, “So what did you think about the large party of nude people on the beach?” Nude people…what nude people? I didn’t see any nude people. He couldn’t believe that I didn’t see them…said that we walked right past them. I actually thought he was kidding until I enlarged one of the pictures I took and saw the whole nude party on the right side of the picture. Apparently we did walk right past them but I was too sick to notice…


 Here’s another funny beach tale!!


 My husband on our first visit to St. Martin thought we were on orient beach, since we had informed the taxi driver who we hired upon getting off the ship at the port, and that this was where we wanted him to take us. Upon arrival, and after stripping out of our clothes and slipping into the water we made our way over to a group of folks we observed that were somewhat close by.

The elderly group of bathing suit clad ladies, dambed near dropped their false teeth with their mouths so wide open, once we were in their presence. Suddenly, it dawned on us, that maybe we were not at the beach we thought we were! Fortunately, they were not from our Cruise Ship.

The End-

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  1. Son Ero says:

    Our next travel trip is to florida. I waited and worked six months to be able to take them, so I hope my family truly appreciates this vacation. I would welcome to experience some of the same travel experiences like you have shared here. Thanks Much for the post!

    • Dear Son Ero,
      I am sure your Family will enjoy whatever vacation experience you provide for them! Thank you for your comments. I will wish for you some lighter moments!-CruisewithMike

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