NCL Getting New Ships “Breakaway” and “Getaway”

NCL’s Newest Cruise Ships

Are on the Horizon!!!

Recently Norwegian Cruise Line(NCL) announced the naming of their two newest ships to compliment their fleets. The first to arrive (in April 2013) will be the “Breakaway”, with her sister ship the “Getaway” expected to arrive for duty in April of 2014. Check out a video short on just some of the planned accommodations (by clicking here).Only in the past few weeks was the steel cutting ceremony held which marks the beginning of the actual build process.

While the new ships are said to essentially have a similar look and layout of the Jewel Class of Ships, their conceptual design and décor will resemble that of their newest ship the EPIC (just without the wavy walls concept). Speaking of Epic features, each of these new ships will have 59 “Studio” staterooms designed especially for single travelers in mind. This was a concept that was first rolled out on the Epic, which features about twice the number that will be featured on the newest ships. These rooms are great for those who are among the young upwardly mobile set (who rarely have anyone traveling with them) and are also great for the more senior traveler in mind (that no longer have a travel partner to accompany them). These fantastic rooms come complete with their own private lounge area where these single sea goers get to hang out to meet new friends. You can view all the details in our Epic Review by (clicking here). In short we are very happy to hear they plan to continue this service.

NCL also intends to bring back the oceanview stateroom in a big way as well. They will feature 158 Oceanview staterooms all with Large (oversize) windows, with 42 of these wonder rooms having the capability of sleeping (5) five persons, which should prove very sought after amongst the family crowd. We think this is a splendid idea!

In addition, the ships compliment of 449 inside staterooms will all feature Two Lower (on the floor) beds, that can be put together to make a queen bed. Plans are that many of these will have connecting doorways between them, which will be truly ideal for family, groups, or even multi room guest who are traveling together to be able to create suite like accommodations that sleep up to four (putting two together) at a very modest cruise price. Some of these staterooms will come with full size bathing tubs as well. This is yet another fantastic idea, and evidence that NCL is making great strides in listening to its customers and agents suggestions. Kudos NCL!!!

For those guests who like to cruise in the “nicer” appointed rooms, just as was done so well with Epic and their newly announced introduction of “the Haven, by Norwegian“ (you can view that article here); both of these new sea ladies will include 20 new mini-suites, along with 28 spa balcony staterooms which feature special relaxing décor as well as include their own private (and FREE use) to the Thermal Spa Complex. These new ships will also both feature the Havens 42 suite complex that will come complete with its own private restaurant, bar, lounge, and concierge services. As well as its own special pool area (complete with whirlpools) and private message rooms. Certainly a nice touch indeed!

In my humble opinion it looks like NCL is certainly hitting its mark, of bringing cruise passengers of every kind what they are looking for in a cruise ship. Each of these new ships while not the mega ships of Royal Caribbean size, will be able to carry around 4000 passengers each, certainly making them the largest of the Norwegian line for sure, and a certain Must Sail for me and probably for you too!

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9 Responses to NCL Getting New Ships “Breakaway” and “Getaway”

  1. newt says:

    Kinda different names for cruise ships for sure, but they look like they will be nice. Seems they have thought of everyone and everything for sure! Nice Post. Thanks

  2. Yi Salvatori says:

    These look like really fun ships. Please keep this kind of information coming. I look forward to future posts.Thanks!

    • Thanks Salvitori,
      You are right! NCL is coming out with lots of great ideas and enhancements in their fleet. Definately we want to keep an eye on what they and other lines will be doing to keep pace with these upcoming changes and service/product offerings. Thanks for your comment!-CruisewithMike

  3. Lenny S. says:

    Awesome! Very Nicely Done. I really like your site. Thanks

  4. Jimmy K says:

    Terrific piece of news here. Thanks for your continued high grade content and information on the latest updates and additions to the Cruise Fleets. You are a one stop site for all things cruise! Keep up the great job!!!

  5. Paul Green says:

    Quite informative. Nicely Done!!

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