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For Award Travel in 2013 and 2014

We are very pleased to announce our newly revised Club Benefits -Reward Points Back Program, which has some exciting new changes to come about. Just like many Travel Cards that may Offer you a “cash-back”, or bonus or reward points for making purchases with their cards,

Sail Away Cruise Holidays, in conjunction with the Sun Cities Travelers Group, and  also through “Cruise with Mike” Promotions is beginning a new program of giving back to our Loyal Customers whenever they conduct cruise or travel related bookings with Sail Away Cruise Holidays, and or “CruisewithMike” Promotions (also Cruise Holidays).

Because by law, and due to certain agreements we have with our various Cruise and other Travel Partners, we are unable to use the words “CASH BACK”, but we can use the term “Reward Points”. Each Reward point is equal to $1 US Dollar. While the “actual” number of reward points will vary with the actual cruise, travel, or service product item that is purchased, the governing percentage of value awarded is determined by specific category further described herein.

Our New Program while being more simplified has been significantly expanded from our previous program’s offerings. Effective March 1, 2013 (and going forward)each time you make a reservation (a booking) and travel with either Sail Away Cruise Holidays, or “CruisewithMike” Promotions, you will earn REWARD POINTS, which will be deposited into a Cruise Holidays Gift Card Account in your Name. Accounts shall be initially opened (if not already established), and member cards distributed (if not already issued) at time of award posting. Reward points are calculated by your Loyalty Tier Level (which also have a corresponding monetary level) which allows for both multiple lower end cruises as well as recognition of our upper or luxury class of traveler(s), and may be used for any subsequent travel related bookings. FOR MORE DETAILS ON OUR GIFT CARD ACCOUNT PROGRAM (click here).

Here’s how the REWARD POINTS can be earned.

   With Each Booking  –  You will earn REWARD POINTS – Paid into your acct.

DESCRIPTION OF TRAVEL PURCHASED:  Type 1: Cruises, River Cruise, Destination Travel.  Type 2: International Air Travel Reservations, Escorted Land Tours. Type 3: Car Rental, Shore Excursions, Unescorted Land Tours. Type 4: Travel Insurance.

SILVER LEVEL MEMBERS         Type 1: 1% Reward                Paid 3 to 8 Weeks after Travel

Type 2: 1/2% Reward

Type 3: .45% Reward

Type 4: 2% Reward


GOLD LEVEL MEMBERS            Type 1: 1.5% Reward           Paid 3 to 8 Weeks after Travel

Type 2: 1% Reward

Type 3: .65% Reward

Type 4: 2.5% Reward


PLATINUM LEVEL MEMBERS  Type 1: 1.75% Reward        Paid 3 to 8 Weeks after Travel

Type 2: 1.25% Reward

Type 3: .85% Reward

Type 4: 2.75% Reward


PRESIDENTS CIRCLE                  Type 1: 2.0% Reward         Paid 3 to 8 Weeks after Travel

Type 2: 1.5% Reward

Type 3: 1.0% Reward

Type 4: 3.0% Reward

Loyalty Tier Levels                          Silver – Upon Second Qualifying Booking (up to $4,999)

Gold – Upon 3 – 5 Qualifying Bookings (or $14,999)

Platinum – Upon 6+ Qaulifying Bookings (or $24,999)

Presidents Circle – Any Amt of Qualified Bookings ($25,000 and above)

(See information below on specific  calculation details and guidelines)

For  Unescorted Land Tours, Escorted Land Tours, and Hotel Stays the rewards percentage will be calculated on the base rate(s) or fares not including any tax, property, or service fees that are charged to the customer or to Cruise Holidays.

For Travel Guard, the rewards percentage will be calculated on the base fees only, and do not include any policy fees which are charged to customer or Cruise Holidays.

For Cruise related bookings, the reward percentages will be calculated on the base fares only, and will not include any Taxes, Government Fees, Port Charges or Fees, or any other Special Service Charges or fees that are the responsibility of the Cruise Passenger to pay.

Remember that these reward points can be used for any future travel related product, or service which can be booked by Cruise Holidays, and is not limited only to Cruises, or Travel related products or services. Examples would be for Rental Cars, Air Fares, or Family Amusement Parks, again anything that we can actually book or make a reservation for.

Also keep in mind, that these reward points have nothing to do with any reward points or other incentives particular credit card services may offer to you. These reward points are OUR WAY OF SAYING HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE. So simply put, if you do use such Cash Back Credit Cards, it can be like doubling or tripling your rewards!!! How Cool is that?

All reward points are posted to the individual’s gift card accounts in accordance with above stated terms and to ensure that such payment amounts are in accordance with commission(s) (payments) received from our various travel partners.

REMEMBER, that this program is an exclusive benefit of our Sun Cities Travelers Group Club members only, and that you have to be a member, in order to qualify for these reward back points benefits. If you have not yet joined our Travel Club, you can do so (sign up) at  and simply click the box in the upper right hand corner which says “Join Us”. You will only need to supply your Name, and a valid email address to complete your membership, all other information is optional. REMEMBER: You have to be a “MEMBER” in order to be eligible for these added benefits. Membership is totally FREE, and you can cancel at any time, so SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!

Also it’s noteworthy to tell you, that we typically have ongoing contests, giveaways and special offers for our Club Members that we do at various times throughout the year which is yet one more benefit of membership in our Travel Club. So be sure to sign up today!

On behalf of all of us, we THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYAL PATRONAGE, and take this opportunity to Say AHOY, and WELCOME ABOARD! to our Travel Club Membership.


Sail Away Cruise Holidays LLC

“CruisewithMike” Promotions  Ltd.


About cruisewithmike

Mike is a Professional Cruise Wedding Planner, Wedding Officiant,and owner of CruisewithMike Wedding Planners. With over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, as an Independant Travel Consultant, Customer Service Agent, and a retired Va. Magistrate, and Clergy. Mike has a very unique perspective on Customer and Wedding Service Needs and strives to provide custom service that's "TOPS" Totally Outrageous Professional Service, with every customer he works with.
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10 Responses to Sun Cities Travelers Group Club members now receive new reward points program

  1. Louis Canvas says:

    What a novel membership benefit. I certainly thank you, and this should win applause from fellow members for sure!! Thanks for keeping the offers coming..

  2. Jean says:

    Always the best content from such prodigious writers.

  3. Titia says:

    I was so confused about what, where, and how best to buy, but this makes perfect sense to join!

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