The ULTIMATE TRAVEL GIFT for yourself or someone Else

A Cruise Holiday’s Gift Card


Announcing The Cruise Holidays Gift Card Program. We hope that you might be able to experience utmost success in your dream vacation or cruise plans. The enclosed information will be helpful in maximizing your utilization of your Cruise Holidays Gift Card Account. We also invite you to consult our Q & A section (included later in this post) which also contains information regarding this program.

 About your Cruise Holidays Gift Card, which bears an identification number which is linked directly to your individual Savings Account. Please safeguard this number and the card, as you will be using this as your form of payment whenever you cash in (or make a partial redemption of) your account funds.

Making Gifts/Processing of Payments to your Gift Card Account. Please note that the preferred and quickest form of payment is via credit card. Please allow a minimum of five to ten business days for the processing and transaction to actually show (update) onto your account. Payments made by check take longer, as the bank must be able to clear the funds, prior to processing completion. Therefore, please allow up to ten to twelve business days for Gifts/Payments which are made in the form of check to show (update) onto your account. CHECKS MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO “CRUISE HOLIDAYS”.

Be sure to let everyone know that you have established your Cruise Holidays Vacation Gift Card Account, especially with friends and family members, as it makes an easy and excellent means of their gift giving to you, and for something they know you’ll truly enjoy. “It is not necessary to give out your “Gift Card Savings Account Number”. Gifts may be made by simply contacting your Cruise Holidays Professional Consultant, Cruise with Mike Berryhill, and informing them that they wish to make a gift into (your Name)’s Gift Card Account, that’s all the information they need to know. It’s that simple. Mike’s contact information is included below. Gifts can be made in any dollar amounts desired, and gifts can be made by anyone, at anytime, (as long as your account remains open). We have some people who have had their accounts open for years and keep telling friends and family to give them something on their Gift Card Account. You could say it’s like a fee free cruise or travel savings account!! Members of our exclusive Travel Club can also earn reward points that results in additional deposits being made to their individual accounts for cruise and travel related purchases.

Checking Your Account Balance is easy, and can be accomplished 24 hours a day, via the internet. Simply go the web link, which is:  . Please remember that your account balance will only show those transactions which have been completely processed.  Once at the web site, you simply enter your Account Number (which is printed on the back of your card) and click enter. The system will automatically show you the ten most recent gifts/transactions processed to your account.

Your Registry Account Status will remain open until you ask us to close it. Many people choose to use their account funds, but leave a small amount ($5) which continues to keep the account active. Also this allows not only you to contribute funds, but family and friends to continue to do so as well. You Decide when you wish to Close, and to Use your account Funds. They never diminish in value, and there is no service charge for not using your funds. Also, the funds are fully transferable to someone else if you decide to gift it. The Choice is Yours!!!

That’s All There is to it. So now, just set back, relax, and start thinking about when and where you might like to cruise. Got Brochures Yet? Give us a call below. Once again, Welcome and Thank You! for selecting your Cruise Holidays Gift Card Account.

Cruise Holidays Gift Card Account Q&A

  • What is a Cruise Holidays Gift Card Account?

A Cruise Holidays Gift Card Account is very similar to a traditional Travel Savings Account you might open at a bank, just without the fees!  Credit is conveniently processed in any dollar increment, charged to a major credit card (or check) and credited to your Cruise Holidays Gift Card account. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your special people to participate in creating a dream vacation come true where the memories will last a lifetime!

  • What does our Gift Card Account cost?

Your out-of-pocket cost for your gift card account with Cruise Holidays is zero! There’s no signup or setup charge for your registry. Plus there is no agent fee for assistance with your travel reservations. 

  • How do I make my travel arrangements?

Through your Personal Cruise Consultant!  “Cruise with Mike” Berryhill, who will see to all the details, while our Cruise Holidays Gift Card account  helps you to cover your dream cruise/vacation expenses.

  • What can account funds be used for?

Your account funds can be redeemed for any future cruise regardless of vendor, departure date, and category, or a Cruise Holidays Exclusive Vacation Package, or other destination specific travel related service. Other examples include Airline Flights, Car Rentals, Hotel Rooms, All inclusive Resorts, Family theme Parks. Basically any travel service that we can book a reservation on. The choice is totally yours!

  • How do I spread the word about our registry/account?

Be sure to Tell your family and friends as it makes that hard-to-buy-for person, especially easy to gift an amount directly into their account, knowing they will use it on something they will really love!

  • How long can my/our Gift Card Account Remain Open?

We automatically keep your gift card account open until you decide to cash in your account completely. But as long as there is maintained a $5 balance it can remain open. Again, The Choice is Yours!!

  • Can several friends pitch in for one sum amount together?

Often groups of friends or family members wish to make a combined gift  amount together. We only request that they use either credit card (or check) for the amount. We’re glad to put as many names as they wish on the “gift” card. They just need to send in everyone’s names to be included with the gift card. In short, gifts can be added in any amount, by anyone, at anytime for the cardholder’s use!

  • How will I/we know if a gift has been bought for me/us?

You will receive by mail to your address on file with us, a “gift “ notification card, Once a gift transaction has been fully completed. Additionally, you will have the ability to go online to access the current account balance “on-line” at anytime!

What do past customers of Cruise Holidays have to say?

Of course, our customers truly value and love our service, as we’re helping them purchase what they really want–the Cruise or Vacation of their dreams! But the gift givers also appreciate our service as well. It’s easy and convenient, and they like knowing that they can give a gift that they’ll be remembered for.

“Cruise with Mike” Berryhill

Your Professional Cruise Consultant

(623) 340 – 0675   Phone


Web Site:




For more information on our Cruise Holidays Gift Card Account, or to open yours or one for a special friend or loved one, you can contact Mike via email at   . For the latest information and news about our Gift Card Program you can  follow Mike at  .                        To “Join” our Travel Club go to  .

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Mike is a Professional Cruise Wedding Planner, Wedding Officiant,and owner of CruisewithMike Wedding Planners. With over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, as an Independant Travel Consultant, Customer Service Agent, and a retired Va. Magistrate, and Clergy. Mike has a very unique perspective on Customer and Wedding Service Needs and strives to provide custom service that's "TOPS" Totally Outrageous Professional Service, with every customer he works with.
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