“CruisewithMike” is a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate

“Accessible Travel For Everyone”

Is Our Mission in Service!!!

Cruise with Mike, is pleased to announce that he has been certified as an Accessible Travel Advocate, and is equally proud of his association with Special Needs Group, and Special Needs At Sea, one of the largest and most respected Mobility and Special Needs Supplier operating from more than 55 cities, and in over 20 countries.

If someone you know has a need for oxygen services, whether during the night, or throughout the day, Cruise with Mike can make your cruise plans “hassle free”, by arranging for any of your Portable,or Liquid, or Portable Liquid, and even Portable Oxygen Concentrators, to help eliminate the worry and trouble of having to be resupplied during your cruise or trip, and you won’t have to carry heavy equipment with you onto the airplane ride either. Yes, we can help with taking care of all the details.

With the ability to custom design a dream cruise or vacation of a lifetime for any special needs that you might require, Cruise with Mike can arrange for everything from Walkers, Rollators, Wheelchairs, motorized Scooters, and even  those fantastically exciting beach and water going (J.O.B or Joy On the Beach) chair lounges, which are special purpose Wheelchairs with Inflatable Tires, that can actually traverse over sand and gravel, and can even go into the water or pools so that everyone can truly have fun!

Cruise with Mike can also help in arranging Stateroom Equipment such as Hospital Beds, Recliners, Power Chairs (even with lifts), and even patient lift devices. When it comes to your special needs we can even help with both Large and Smaller things that make your vacation truly enjoyable. We can assist with Accessible Excursion Services and every day needs such as Bed Wedges, Crutches, Canes, Refrigerators, Organic Baby Food, Incontinence Supplies, and even Service Animal item needs that can also be awaiting your arrival as well. Yes we can ease your cruise or vacation stress without any worries on your part!

Its important to note, that you don’t have to suffer from a disability in order to need a little extra help when travelling. Recouping from surgery, or injuries, or maybe just being a slower walker than most; Cruise with Mike, can help ensure that Everyone has a most enjoyable cruise or vacation. No matter whether for an individual, or a family cruise, or even for a large group, we can arrange to have the items conveniently located and awaiting your arrival in your stateroom, or with the concierge at your hotel, down to even home delivery if needed. Why would you choose anyone but a  Certified Accessible Travel Advocate to assist you with making such plans?

Our Mission is to provide the “TOPS” totally outrageous professional service for EVERYONE when it comes to your cruise and travel needs. Give Cruise with Mike a call with any questions you might have, or to book an exciting cruise or vacation of a lifetime experience. You can reach mike by calling (623) 340-0675, or you can email Mike at CruisewithMike@cruiseholidays.com and you can also follow or you can even tweet Mike on Twitter @CruisewithMike today!


About cruisewithmike

Mike is a Professional Cruise Wedding Planner, Wedding Officiant,and owner of CruisewithMike Wedding Planners. With over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, as an Independant Travel Consultant, Customer Service Agent, and a retired Va. Magistrate, and Clergy. Mike has a very unique perspective on Customer and Wedding Service Needs and strives to provide custom service that's "TOPS" Totally Outrageous Professional Service, with every customer he works with.
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13 Responses to “CruisewithMike” is a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate

  1. Thats just too cool. Congrats! from the coolest guy in makati

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  3. MauriceKing says:

    Thanks for this informative post. There are many of us out here that are interested in this topic. Certainly forward thinking on your part. Good Work!

    • Hello Maurice,
      Yes there are, and each year those numbers continue to increase. This is certainly a worthy segment of our travel world, and we intend to devote efforts towards educating and helping as much as we can!! Thanks So Much for sharing your comments..CruisewithMike

  4. Joe says:

    Well that is definitely some interesting stuff. Congrats!

  5. Bennie Usie says:

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    Set your life by making it more easy for others to enjoy, sounds like all you could need.

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