Miracle on Cruise Street? Linda’s Story – A Feel Good Current Day Christmas Story Definately Worth Reading!!

If you want to start your Day

With a spirit of Chirstmas feeling inside

This is definitely worth the read. I have been so very fortunate in so many ways in coming across my social media mentor. His name is Rich Tucker, and he works as the Social Media Manager for Travel Leaders Leisure Group, and Business Development Specialist for Cruise Deals Dot Com. Not to mention his Blog CruiseSource.us is read as help and advice to thousands. Rich’s story is a wonderful one itself, a true hardwork, and determination lesson, but that is not what I am writing about today.

Rich has been responsible for absolutely guiding my every move in Social Media, from this very blog site, to my twitter success, and maybe one day he will help me get a handle on my facebook efforts. But again, that’s not the story I am sharing this morning.

I saw a tweet from him yesterday where he was working on what he called one of the most important blog posts he had ever done. And in just a moment, if you read about Linda’s story you will understand. I am not only so very grateful to Rich, and all the many wonderful things he has taught me, and helped me with. But I can say with total and complete honesty, how very proud I am to be counted amongst his friends, whether social media or otherwise.

Please take a look at this link…………………..http://cruisesource.us/2011/12/a-special-bahamas-cruise-christmas-giveaway/   

Now that you have read the story, I hope you may have been moved to donate to such a worthwhile project. And join me is wishing a genuine thanks to Rich Tucker for implementing this fundraising effort.

I would like to dedicate the following to my dear friend Rich………..

                Have I mentioned lately how I’m in awe,

                                Of the many things you bring about;

                Whether by word, or deed, or heartfelt call,

                                You touch each life in ways that count!


                I wish to tell how you’re  the best,

                                For being a mentor straight and true;

                And for always giving me all the rest,

                                It’s just the person I know as You!

                                                    From-Michael Berryhill

May you be so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring friend as I have in

my good friend Rich Tucker- May God Bless You Rich, in all you Do!!


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Mike is a Professional Cruise Wedding Planner, Wedding Officiant,and owner of CruisewithMike Wedding Planners. With over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, as an Independant Travel Consultant, Customer Service Agent, and a retired Va. Magistrate, and Clergy. Mike has a very unique perspective on Customer and Wedding Service Needs and strives to provide custom service that's "TOPS" Totally Outrageous Professional Service, with every customer he works with.
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4 Responses to Miracle on Cruise Street? Linda’s Story – A Feel Good Current Day Christmas Story Definately Worth Reading!!

  1. Multiplication Chart says:

    I like it!

  2. Mack Bradley says:

    This was indeed a special purpose post, which I very much enjoyed. Please keep up the good work.

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