New Air Service where Vision is more than just a name

Move Over Allegiant Air and Others

There’s a New Game in Some Towns

Or ARE THEY???????

Today began a new air service  to some smaller cities. Vision Airlines has taken to the airways beginning Tuesday, December 27, 2011. With Service between several Florida Resort Cities and Twenty US cities, especially in cities where it is hard to reach other air carrier hub cities.

The Company (who got its start by offering air tour service of the Grand Canyon Area) recently announced that beginning in March of 2012, it will extend its service even further to include Baton Rouge, Knoxville, and Little Rock. Vision Airlines which is presently headquartered in Suwanee Georgia (about 35 miles northeast of Atlanta) sees itself as offering air service to smaller cities, and airports that the larger air carriers have overlooked for many years. However, it would appear that there are concerns over just a fast as they enter a city, they often abandon service from them as well. The company states that customers can expect to be able to book Air, Hotel, and Vacation Packages on its website in about 60 days. Here’s a copy of their current route map. (See Left)

It appears that the company supports some worthwhile charitable endeavors such as the “Wounded Warrior Project”, and St. Jude’s Children’s  Research Hospital, and would appear at least in this writers eye to have a “Vision” on bringing something good and improved to the Air Travel Market.

Well, just as I see it as my job to make the viewing public aware of NEW Airline Service, I also need to ring the Alarm Bell when their is a groundswell of concerns. Thanks to our Friend Chuck (See his comments below) we were alerted to a vast amount of complaints against this airline for a host of problems, chiefly with leaving paying passengers stranded for an apparent endless amount of reasons. Now while cosumer complaints are  a given against bad airline performance. Failure to Answer Consumer Complaints is NOT! Which is the case with the BBB which has had at least two unanswered complaints from Vision Airlines, and is currently rating their company at an “F” (worst rating they give). So we first wish to say our sincere THANKS to Chuck, (for alerting us to this) and just like the Christmas Tune goes…………….You Better Watch Out, I’m tellin you why… may not get to where you think you are going. After all ….the price of getting to your cruise and land destination vacation is meaningless, if you never arrive there to begin with!

Hope this Airline can get their act (service performance) turned around………………….

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8 Responses to New Air Service where Vision is more than just a name

  1. Chuck says:

    Are you kidding, trying to connect to a cruise from a Vision flight is asking for major problems. You should Google some of the nightmares that this airline has caused. These folks have entered and abandoned more markets in the past 12 months than most airlines do in 50 years of service. I think they entered and left people stranded on more than 20 markets in the last year alone. There are truly some horribly sad stories out there with people’s honeymoons being ruined and family reunions being sacked by these clowns. I say run, run, run as fast as you can away from this so-called airline.

    • Dear Chuck,
      Many Thanks for bringing this position to our attention. While our job is foremost to report objectively. Consumer complaints against the airlines is certainly a routine occurrence, but as is the case with Vision Airlines not responding to at least two complaints within the past 6 months from the 32 that were filed with the BBB. Well, that is truely concerning to us. We certainly appreciate your timely comments in response to this initial article, which we have caused to be revised to alert and inform as well!-CruisewithMike

  2. Robert Nunyan says:

    oh WOW a whole two complaints. When they serviced over 1 million people??? Huge percent there eh?!?!?

    • Dear Robert,
      While we appreciate your comments and sentiment, what is worrysome is not so much the complaints, but their lack of response, especially to a legitimate consumer service such as the Better Business Bureau. What is troubling is their lack of a response to any such inquiry, let alone multiple incidents of such demeanor. But by all means if this does not concern you, then you should feel confident to fly them! Thank you for your comment!

      • Robert Nunyan says:

        Problem is Mike, we have responded to all complaints. For some complainers, that just isn’t good enough. Refunds were issued to some and to others, the BBB could not find justification in their complaints, so no further action was required. I don’t know about your local BBB, but our Vegas one is not a good one. We had a lady complain she didn’t get enough to eat on a tour with a free buffet. She wanted her tour ticket refunded and refunds for her three companions. The fact that no one else complained, only her (and while we addressed her concerns regarding a third party service provider), which should have been enough for the BBB to allow us to simply reply and leave it at that. But, noooo, the BBB insisted we refund her tour! Now what kind of entity insists a company harm itself just to appease a customer? We had paid for fuel, pilots, gate fees, etc… and the BBB wanted us to refund her money! This is only one of many many cases our local BBB has crammed down our throats. We try to settle matters effectively and with tact, but you see Mike, some people just can’t be made happy about anything. People complain regardless of how many hoops you jump through and how well you do, you will always have the unpleasant traveler with an axe to grind. It is an unfortunate reality for ALL businesses. Given the fact that we have served over 1 million annually, there are relatively few complaints by percentage. The reason you read about the complaints is because people put them out there and very few who receive worthy service are as vocal as those who feel the need to complain.

      • Dear Robert,
        As a Travel Serivce Provider and former Airline Employee myself, I can definately appreciate your point regarding how quickly customers often can be with regards to filing complaints in an blatant attempt to merely receive an unfounded refund. We were concerned at the BBB’s reporting that there was a pattern of unanswered complaints. We appreciate your clearing that up for us, and in fairness and to remain objective in our reporting we are posting your comments to us here. We appreciate your taking time to answer and comment back to us. Good Luck in your future endeavors!!-CruisewithMike

  3. Amanda Coker says:

    We are trying to go to San Destin in April. Do you think we will be able to purchase travel in March from Little Rock to Florida via Vision?

    • Dear Amanda,
      This article was written with information in part from a press release Vision Air promulgated in December of 2011. I woulod suggest that you might wish to contact Vision Air directly with your question.Thanks!-CruisewithMike

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