FREE Travel Upgrades – A Brief “How To” Guide

Some Tips to the Best Ways

To Get FREE Travel Upgrades

While certainly the very best way to be guaranteed a Travel Upgrade is to purchase it. Here, we are going to be looking at some suggestions on how to get yours in ways that don’t require you to purchase them. So read further to see some of the various ways to be able to enjoy FIRST CLASS (or at least better accommodations) for le$$ money!

Land – Resort and Hotel Stays:  With Lodging, mostly upgrades are a combination of two requirements in order to be able to get a complimentary  upgraded room stay. First and foremost, you will most likely be required to be a loyalty or club member of the participating hotel property in order to be eligible for a room upgrade. And secondly YOU MUST ASK FOR UPGRADE AVAILABILITY when you check-in. Some Chains may require a minimum tier level of membership or stay requirement be met in order to qualify for free room upgrades, while some others do not. However,  almost all of the Hotel Loyalty programs are FREE TO JOIN, so you should join as many programs as you may potentially stay at.

Land-Car Rentals will also generally require at least membership in their preferred customer program in order to obtain a complimentary vehicle upgrade. Once again while some car rental agencies may require you to have achieved a minimum number of rentals in order to qualify, others may not. However seldom is the case were I have rented a car, that I wasn’t offered (FOR A FEE) an opportunity to obtain a category or two upgrade vehicle. These offers are largely dependent on their inventory availability for a certain category of car. Strategy. Not that I fit the best in a compact, but I ALWAYS request and order this category as chances are best that they will be out of those cars (especially if I am arriving after 5pm) and often find myself in a mid size Or better (FOR THE SAME COMPACT PRICE), as they were out of that particular category before others due mainly to their pricing popularity to the masses.

Airline Upgrades – OK here is the plain and simple truth about FREE airline upgrades. It’s all about your level of loyalty program for a given airline, as well as how long you have been on that particular level (Your Seniority Date). Typically all of the airlines now deal out these seat upgrades LONG BEFORE you get to the Boarding Area, and in some cases take place to their loyalty program members on the flights anywhere from 2 to 7 Days prior to the flight, pretty much eliminating the need to even approach the boarding gate personnel to make inquiry about same.

Sea Cruises – can be a combination or variation of many of the above approaches , with a slight twist. Oftentimes you will even find cruiselines offering FREE Stateroom Upgrades in their SALES CAMPAIGNS. There is definitely another ability EVEN A FIRST TIME CRUISER CAN OBTAIN, that will pretty much guarantee the ability to be assigned into a higher category of stateroom than what you pay for even when their is not such an upgrade sale taking place roughly 8 out of 10 ten times. It’s called a “guaranteed room rate”. Simply put, this type of reservation does not give you anything but a reservation number. There is no Cabin or Stateroom number when you make your reservation, and the final assignment of your stateroom will take place upon your arrival to check-in for your cruise at the ship terminal. The way the guarantee works is that you pay based on the category of stateroom that you have guaranteed, while the cruise lines guarantees that you will receive at least that level (or better) when you actually sail. The actual truth is that the cruise lines computer system will have done the assignment earlier on the morning of your embarkation of the cruise ship. Generally this means that you will most likely end up with a stateroom that is 1 to 3 categories better than what you paid for. However, I have actually had many clients and customers who end up with 7 to 10 category upgrades from where they paid. For instance like where they paid for a windowless interior stateroom, and actually sailed in an oceanview, or balcony accommodation. This brings me to an important buying strategy that is worth mentioning. Use of the “Guarantee Stateroom Rate”, is a great way to come out on top when it comes to getting a better deal for the price. As many times the first (or lowest)Levels of Room Categories are the first categories to sell out, as they are the less expensive inside(interior) staterooms. This can lend to you (the consumer) the opportunity to pick up an Oceanview (or better) for a great lower price. It can certainly be some food for thought on your next cruise for sure.

Hopefully, you have found this information helpful and that you will give some of these tips and suggestions at least a try on your next adventure. Good Luck! and Bon Voyage!!!

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