Alaska Cruise and Travel Packing Tips

ALASKA Packing Tips

Ok, so you’re getting close to departure for your upcoming Alaska cruise, but you are not quite sure what the weather will be like, or what to pack…….So here are some thoughts and suggestions from CruisewithMike.

Alaska’s weather in a nutshell

If you have ever yearned to visit our vast 49th state, you can certainly see by the various weather resource summaries that it can offer an extremely wide variety of weather conditions, with a temperature range of 170 degrees from low to high. However those are the extreme highs and lows. Your best bet, if you desire sunny, clear skies and not-too-cold conditions, seems to be in the late spring or early summer (May-June). From midsummer into the fall, clouds predominate, and are quickly followed by an increase in precipitation. June is the optimal month with warmer temps (generally can get up to the 80’s-90’s, with the nighttime temperatures in the 30’s-40’s). The weather tends to clear by the winter, but it also turns quite cold, or downright frigid, depending on what part of the state you are visiting. It is important to remember than Alaska’s weather can often change on a dime so to speak, especially when the wind is blowing (which by the way is ALWAYS the case when on board a cruise ship or any moving water vessel for that matter). Outbreaks of extreme cold and blizzard-like weather do not occur as frequently as you might think, but they do occur. Along with the wide variations in the climate, visitors to Alaska can enjoy the unusual length of daylight during the late spring and early summer. A trip to the Arctic north can even give you a glimpse of the midnight sun. And, with clear skies, a glance to the north might even provide you with a glimpse of the beautiful Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Wardrobe Recommendations

I strongly suggest you remember the concept of layering in your dress planning and packing. It is great to have sweaters, jackets, and even a hooded outerwear garment if possible. Forget about umbrellas. First off, the rains in Alaska are almost always accompanied by winds which generally make umbrellas more hazardous than helpful.  So Hooded garments(something that can’t blow off and away), hats and gloves are best. Each day you want to dress so you can easily remove or add as weather conditions dictate or permit, especially if you intend to wonder off the ship or have a shore excursion to meet up with.

I hope that these thoughts have been helpful to you in your cruise wardrobe packing and planning needs. If you would like some actual “How-To” tips on packing feel free to click here to check out my article on packing like a travel pro.


Bon Voyage!!


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