Alaskan Summer 2012 Family Cruise – Day One (Before the Cruise)

7 Day Summer 2012 Family Cruise Report 

 Day One – Before the Cruise

Well here we go on another adventure packed group cruise, as we get ready to  set sail for the Great State of Alaska.              With Group Family Members arriving today in Seattle WA, from all over the country we have selected as our pre hotel stay the Inn at Queen Ann, which is conveniently located in downtown Seattle in the shadow of the space needle. (See Area Map on Left)

Getting from home to Seattle: I Must admit that yes I know I am complaining here….. but it bears mentioning that I have grown completely  spoiled at my US Airways first class seating, and for this venture the wife and I have chosen to forego the extra expense and opted for the less expensive Southwest Airlines Coach Cabin Seating. Ouch! What a difference in our comfort level both from the standpoint of being able to arrive more rested and ready to go, as well as seat endurance capacity. Don’t misunderstand…. you can’t compare coach to first class, but I am merely stating our choice in being willing to pay a little more in fare, rather than to sacrifice the additional fare for our comfort.  Just for the record, We Won’t do that again, it backs to US Airways for the next trip for sure. Tip; cheaper is generally not always the best option, it’s a matter of choice,……. and the choice is yours.

Getting downtown from the airport: We were very impressed with the Shuttle Express Preferred Driver Program. This was our first time to experience this service, and it was suggested to us by the Hotel. Must say our Driver “Brent” was a real jewel for sure. Not only did he meet us as soon as we came past the secured area, to assist us with being shown the way to the proper baggage claim area. Brent’s knowledge of the Seattle area was a definite plus and we enjoyed our ride from the airport to the hotel immensely. For the two of us (wife and myself) it actually ended up being less than the price for two persons on the typical shared shuttle service, not to mention the fact that we experienced no waiting what-so-ever. So take a hint from me, and secure yourself reservations through Shuttle Express, you might also wish to ask for Brent Neel, and just tell him that “CruisewithMike” highly recommended his professional service and style.

The Queen Anne Inn. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO First, I would like to say that I am attempting to render a completely honest, unbiased, and objective review of this property. I feel it is important to mention that this property may not be for everyone, but certainly will fill the bill for others. Located within a historical district of downtown Seattle, even the hotel holds quite a history lesson in and of itself. Therefore, one should bear in mind that ownership is somewhat limited in renovations that can be made and the restrictions that come along with a historical landmark itself. So to compare this property to newer more modern accommodations would be an unfair judging. The first thing we noticed was that you should expect to see an older clientele. The rooms are small but serviceable. TV, Plumbing, and Beds were pretty much average for what you would expect to find in a motor inn or less expensive national chain property. The Air Conditioning was window type but worked just fine for our June stay. Most all of the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette which allows for a little more choice and flexibility than some accommodations. While the Queen Anne district is mostly residential, I must say there were no lack of eateries, and shops within a two block vicinity that cater to just about any need a traveler could have, so for that as well as its close proximity to Seattle Center (space needle and other attractions which are an easy walking distance), and the sea port terminals, (which are within a short taxi ride) the location was better than average for sure. Also, for the tech savvy folks, the Queen Anne Inn does provide Free Wi-Fi Service which was nice for sure. One negative we noted was a definite lack of serviceable access for mobility challenged individuals. There are NO ELEVATORS, so if this is a definite need for you, know it in advance of booking. For my part, the short answer is that if you like affordability, and don’t mind staying at a property that would remind many of a night in grandma’s old home place (quaint and charming), and if you would really like the idea of being located in such close proximity (a block away) to Seattle Center (and the space needle) and just a very short taxi ride to the cruise ship terminals, then I think the Inn At Queen Ann makes for a very acceptable choice for the pre night stay cruise passenger, before embarking on their cruise.

Well that about covers this first day, as we will get some rest and look forward to tomorrow as our journey begins aboard the wonderful Holland American MS Westerdam, and our Alaska Adventure!! Hope to see you again then-“CruisewithMike”

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2 Responses to Alaskan Summer 2012 Family Cruise – Day One (Before the Cruise)

  1. Steve B says:

    I really like Alaska cruises. I am glad you had a good time. I took one a few years ago and am going on anAlaska cruise from Los Angeles next year. Not only did I have fun on my cruise but I had fun in Settle, thats where I left from last time. I recommend anyone to go there. Alaska is a wonderful state.

    Thanks for sharing

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