Alaskan Summer 2012 Family Cruise – Day Four, Juneau (Whale Watching)

Summer Alaska 2012 Family Cruise

Day Four – Juneau

Well Good Morning all from Juneau Alaska. Splendors of Scenery and Nature is all around us now. We are also blessed at being able to

have some distinctively wonderful weather conditions. Bright, Sunny, and not a cloud in the sky with todays temps expected to be in the fifties, but actually the weather man missed the call as it is 76 degrees when we leave the ship!!

While having breakfast, I and am marveled at the skills of our omelette chef “Joselitto”, (which is also his stage name in the ships productions). He is truly an amazing crew member to watch for sure, not to mention makes a really good omelette. Meeting up with some of our Family Group Members I am trying to be sure to explain with our late arrival at port today (1pm) and most excursions running 2 to 3 hours or more that the Vista (formal) Dining Room is already prepared to have smaller attendance at tonight’s first seating, so many of them may wish to come back from their excursions and just grab a quick dinner in the casual dining restaurant (Lido) and then be able to head back out for some shopping or just leisurely paced walking in the Juneau shops etc., as we will remain in port until 10pm or so this evening.

Back in the room I am just awestruck with the beauty which belongs to this wonderful region of our country, and just have to share with you a photo or two that was taken from our balcony so that you could see first hand what can await you outside your own balcony door on an Alaskan Cruise. By the way.. we have already seen some airborne eagles (so majestic) and as we entered into Edward Sound were greeted coming  by some local seals that decided to help show the captain the way!! Speaking of wildlife I forgot to mention that yesterdays sunset afforded us a fabulous show of humpback whales and even a orca as well.  Here’s a Tip: the Crows Nest  lounge is a wonderful place to grab a coffee or other beverage and just observe. If offers a 180 degree viewing advantage and is enclosed from the wind, cold, and other elements so be sure to check it out on your Alaskan Cruise!

After enjoying a nice panoramic lunch we are arriving in the port of Juneau itself. We are going to take in a delightfully adventurous Whale Watching Excursion which we purchased from Shore Excursions Group. Other members of our family group will be setting out on the splendors of hiking and viewing of the Mendenhall Glacier, (which we actually drive by a panoramic view of same see left) so get your cameras ready for that, while others will enjoy Kyacking and still others will be participating in planned escorted  tours of the City of Juneau, and many will take in the views offered by a ride on the Sky Tram which by the way is the only US State Capital, that is not accessible by roadway. The only way to reach this destination is by Air, or Water. Interesting , yes?

Capt John and First Mate Hunter (a part of Harv & Marv’s Alaskan Outback) ran an absolutely wonderful excursion. As we depart Auke Bay Harbour, (our boat pictured right) not only did we see whales, but we saw whales on at least 6 or 7 different occasions. We even witnessed a baby humpback whale (a calf) and his mother (a cow) going through nursing and feeding activities. (see pic of Blow & Tail Below Left) As well as watched several bulls in various different age ranges as they fed on the abundant supply of halibut there in the waters where the Frederick Channel and the Chilkoot Inlet merge together just north of Juneau. It was quite an experience. We all came away from the experience feeling to have been quite blessed to have witnessed nature so up close and personal as none of us had ever experienced before. Not only did we enjoy the whales, but saw seals (be sure to check out Big Daddy pic at Right), and even evidenced numerous Bald Eagles flying around the parking lot area. As for the Whales; I am remiss that all but one of many videos for some unknown reason didn’t turn out. But I do hope that you might enjoy the photos and video (click here to view video) of our adventure anyway.

Well that’s all for now but will write again tomorrow as we take a slowly paced voyage through glacier bay, and what will be a very picturesque event I am sure!! Ta Ta Till Then.  Thanks for viewing and following.   “CruisewithMike”

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