The Seven Biggest Mistakes Travelers Make

Here are the Biggest 7 Mistakes

Travelers Commit when booking travel

and/or when travelling

Many times I am asked by folks what is or are the major or most frequently committed mistakes that people make while booking travel, or just for travel in general oversights. I would have to respond TIME: I would say that the worst committed oversight that few people make adequate allowance for is time. Time to adequately research their travel purchases they intend to make (especially with on-line purchases). Time to make it safely from home to the airport, or getting through airport check-in and security checkpoints, and making it to the gate on time so that their flights run smoothly. Lack of adequate time allowed for transfers between planes and terminals, or transfers from airport to cruiseport, or not allowing ample time for the cruise check-in process at the pier. I would have to say that as I see it, this is the major cause behind confused passengers, frayed nerves, lack of patience, and short tempers when dealing with others they may have to come in contact with. In general I believe that the lack of time allowances is the number one culprit in making travel such a unpleasurable experience for many of us. There are also six other offender situations that top my list and I have expounded on them herein.

Travel Booking Mistake #2:

Not Maximizing your investments by Turning Money You’re Already Spending into Travel Rewards. One of the ways that anybody can be able to take incredible vacations for pennies on the dollar is by leveraging money that they are already spending by participating in reward and loyalty programs. These can be in the form of credit card reward programs, frequent stay programs at hotels, and frequent flyer programs as well as frequent cruise programs (and don’t forget rental car programs, too). This is where membership and loyalty not only has privileges, but has an advantage by way of their travel rewards and privileges. Be sure to choose the program(s) that make the most sense for you. Also, you may need to alter your ways of buying, but stay loyal and dedicated toward turning those rewards into vacations and travel adventures you desire. It’s not always easy, but if you stick to it, in time you will find yourself at the top of the loyalty ladder. In short, if you are not practicing this very important tip then you are missing out on thousands of dollars worth of free travel, hotel stays, airline upgrades, and the like that come in participating in credit card reward programs and travel loyalty programs with airlines, hotels, car rental companies and cruise lines.

 Travel Booking Mistake #3:

Not Participating in Discount Travel Clubs.
Closely akin to my #2 mistake is this one. This is advice that travel seller insiders don’t want you to know about, especially travel agents because they don’t offer it. Vacation travel clubs are a great way to not only save money (stretch your travel dollar even further) when you travel, but also meet new friends who love to travel and can become travel partners or buddies for you, to illuminate those dreaded Single Supplement Fees, when traveling solo. Travel with a partner is so much more rewarding for the most part. Provided you’ve chosen a like-minded travel partner. Also, you know how you save money when you are a member of Costco or Sam’s Club? Well in the past couple years, there have been some companies who’ve employed this same concept for buying travel with travel clubs and they pass the savings onto their members. This is not the same as purchasing vacations through Costco or Sam’s club, but the savings are good and sometimes even better. Check out our Travel Club Meetup Site by clicking here. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. Membership in our Club is FREE and open to all!

Travel Booking Mistake #4:

Not Getting the Best Price when Booking Online. My #3 three travel mistake that can cost you big bucks is not getting the best price when you’re booking your vacation online. First, and foremost Travel Websites don’t have the ability to be interactive and to ask the important questions so that you make sure you purchase what you think you are getting. Next, Not all travel sites are created equal when it comes to getting the best price or the best deal. Most savvy travelers know this, but a lot of people who only shop occasionally for travel online probably don’t. There is nothing worse than paying more for something when you could have got it for less. Why are you not using an experienced and reputable agent to do this work, and knows better than you possibly can anyway? Not all Agencies or Cruise Consultants charge fees for their service. They earn a commission from the Cruise Line, or Resort destination you are travelling to. Also, where do you think you are going to be able to turn when a travel glitch occurs, (some online site? I don’t think so), and if you travel enough…Trust Me it will happen to you too. Not only do you get an experienced person to help you get the perfect vacation at the best price, but you have an ally back home when disaster strikes. And even better if it happens to be an agent that is part of a larger consortium of travel professionals when having to get you rerouted or put up in a hotel, etc. It just makes the best sense to use the services of a professional!

Travel Booking Mistake #5:

Making last-minute travel plans is NOT ALWAYS BEST!
Booking Airline Tickets at the Last Minute Will Cost You Big Bucks.
Here’s some important travel advice about booking airline tickets at the last-minute: it will cost you big bucks. Nowadays, airlines have drastically limited the number of flights they’re operating, and planes are packed full every flight. Most of the last-minute deals that used to help airlines fill up their planes are no longer even needed, so don’t think you’re going to buy a cheaper seat if you waited until the last-minute. Booking at the last-minute can cost several times more than if you had purchased well in advance of your travel needs. Beware of last-minute cruise and travel offers, as they are often nothing more than the leftover inventory after loyalty and awards programs have been completed, so best to leave the last-minute travel deals to the hearty at heart! The best travel deals are found when you start looking six months to a year or more before your vacation so shop early for your best deals, but don’t’ shop too early either. Example: Prices for flights are not even available until you are within 330 days out from your intended trip date. Also working with a reputable agency or cruise consultant is always best in case the property or cruise line reduces their prices they can normally get you the very same deal by working through an agent. Some cruise lines such as Carnival are even guaranteeing you the best deals when working with an agent or cruise consultant. So get out there and plan and book early!!

Travel Mistake #6: Not Packing Light!!!

My travel advice on luggage and how to pack your suitcase light is extremely important these days and not packing light is my travel mistake #6. In today’s new era where airlines are charging huge fees each way for checked baggage (which as a former airline employee is a real gripe of mine). You need to know how to pack light, and that means either just fly with a carry on suitcase (just be certain it’s within the regulatory size limits and your liquids are TSA compliant ). Even more importantly, be sure you don’t pack your suitcase over 50 pounds or it will cost you a small fortune EACH WAY. If you are not sure how to accomplish this, then you really need to invest some time and learning it, since packing too much can easily cost you an extra $50 to $100 or more-especially if you are traveling with family, on every flight you take domestically and internationally which can add up to some serious expense. I am always mindful of packing light; However, as a former flight attendant I was lucky to have been trained on the art of skillful packing. You may wish to take a look at my Blog Article on “Packing Like A Travel Pro”, which you can view here at . This should be a source for some helpful information before your next venture. Tip: Be sure you have a lightweight piece of luggage too, as many times empty they can weigh up to ten pounds just by themselves. Remember this – that it doesn’t take much to exceed the weight limits especially for you ladies!!

Travel Mistake #7: Not having adequate Travel Protection (Insurance)

This is without a doubt, the single biggest mistake that so often many people are so not prepared for when they travel. You should know that it can cost you severely both emotionally, as well as financially. An accident or sudden illness (especially in foreign settings) can happen to anybody, of any age, at any time, and any place. Travelers generally think of adequate travel protection as a waste of time and money. Only to find out how desperately they need it and don’t have it! Adequate travel protection insurance should cost about 4 to 10 percent of your non-refundable travel expenses. (with the higher percentage being age proportional). And travel insurance isn’t just about cancelling a trip anymore Dorothy! Having the correct Travel Protection Plan for you, can be just as important as choosing the right travel destination or cruise. Be sure to Check out my FREE E-Book on the subject by visiting You will be glad you did!

In Summary: I hope that by pointing out these oversights you might be empowered with the ability to avoid such pitfalls yourself, and enable you to maximize the effectiveness of your hard-earned travel dollars that you spend. You might even wish to visit this Blog site for even more money-saving ideas and suggestions. I Thank You for visiting our site – “CruisewithMike”.

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  2. Ruth says:

    Great article – I completely agree with – Travel Mistake #6: Not Packing Light!!!

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    Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.I will make certain to bookmark your blog and will come back sometime soon. I want to encourage you to continue your great posts, have a nice day!

  4. Thad Bettinger says:

    I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

    • Thanks for the nice comment Chad,
      We used to be daily but now with almost 200 articles posts I am writing when specials or travel club offeringsor news worthy events occur, or sometimes I become moved to expound on a subject. You can subscribe to the site, and be automatically notified of any new content, but again Thanks for asking!-CruisewithMike

  5. Linkedin says:

    Great Web site for sure. Finding lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it along to a few of my travel pals. Thanks for your hard work!

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