Wish2Wed Wedding Services Price List

                   Wish2Wed Service Price List

CruisewithMike, also provides “top notch” land based wedding ceremonies within a 150 mile radius of the Orlando Florida Area. Pricing includes unlimited consult, and your choice of standard vows, or custom for your special ceremony.

Distance Zones                   Zone 1          Zone 2          Zone 3           Zone 4

                                                           up t0 35 mi.    36-59 mi     60-99 mi.    100+mi.

In-House Civ/Contemp Service $45.00

On Site Religious Service Base Fee                  $75    $90    $105   $120.00 (Base + Expenses)

On Site Non-Religious Service Base Fee        $65     $80    $95     $110.00 (Base + Expenses)

On Site Special Service Base Fee i.e.,

LGBT Commitment, Biker, Other                   $85     $95    $115    $135.00 (Base + Expenses)

Unity Sand Rite                                    $38.00

Unity Candle Rite                                $30.00

For Non Wedding Day Rehearsals Extra Trip Expenses are $50 for zones 1 & 2 , and .35 cents per mile (Round Trip for Zones 3 & 4)  or $105 if Overnight Stay is needed.

Ground Travel Mileage Rate                         35 cents per mile

Ground Travel Hourly Rate                          $15 per hour

Daily Travel Rate                                 $65 per day (+ Travel, Per Diem and Expenses)

Daily Per Diem Rate                            $40

Air Travel Rate                                    Published Air Rates

Service Booking Deposits                  BASE RATE (Accept Credit Card) Due At Time of Booking Balance in cash due day of, but prior to Service

Public Service Discounts                  I always offer a Public Servant Discount to Any Police, Fire, or Rescue Personnel (Paid, or Volunteer), as well as for Any Military (Active Duty, Reserve, or Retired). Just need you to show me your ID Credentials prior to your ceremony. The Discount is 20% from your total fee(s).

Notes: Prices for Services Above Include Base Travel Zone and 30 minute drive distance,

and include Finalizing of Florida Marriage Documents and also a Certificate of Marriage.

Bookings cancelled at least 72hours prior to a scheduled event, will remain as a credit for a

Period of 90days towards future bookings.  Bookings cancelled less than 72hours prior to a

Scheduled event are 90% non-refundable.

Please Contact Mike direct at (407) 378-3138, or email at Wish2Wed@gmail.com  . I appreciate your interest in my services!!

 I can help with Honeymoon, Anniversary, or Vow Renewal Cruises!!!


About cruisewithmike

Mike is a Professional Cruise Wedding Planner, Wedding Officiant,and owner of CruisewithMike Wedding Planners. With over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, as an Independant Travel Consultant, Customer Service Agent, and a retired Va. Magistrate, and Clergy. Mike has a very unique perspective on Customer and Wedding Service Needs and strives to provide custom service that's "TOPS" Totally Outrageous Professional Service, with every customer he works with.
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