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Crowded Travel Lines and Cancellations could be coming

We Could Be Facing Long Waits, and Travel Cancellations March 1st, marks a very critical U.S. Federal government budget deadline that is fast approaching. If no action is taken by the U.S. Congress and President to avert a forced shutdown, … Continue reading

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Another Carnival Ship Triumph is adrift at sea

Yet Another Carnival Ship is adrift at sea “Houston we have a problem” can also now be a hailing sign for Carnival Cruise Lines, especially to those in the Texas port of Galveston. As the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph  (which set … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy, Aftermath for the Cruise Lines

Hurricane SANDY Aftermath for the Cruise Lines While it is customary that Hurricane Season brings a number of storms every year, and while the cruise lines remain continually poised to make necessary changes, as most hurricanes are tightly-knit, slow-moving storms … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Impacts on Cruise Sailings

Hurricane Sandy Impacts on Cruise Sailings Thusfar As a service to our readers, we are FORWARDING a post from our good friend RICH TUCKER at CruiseSource. If you desire to have the fastest and latest updates we highly recommend that you … Continue reading

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Do I need A Visa for travel to a certain country?

Do I Need A Visa For Travel to a Certain Country? Many times I am asked if a customer or client needs a travel visa when traveling to certain country destination. I have provided a list of more than 200 … Continue reading

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MSC Divina, Makes her Debut – A Review

The MSC Divina A definite “break” from the MSC mold Certainly it can be said of MSC’s newest addition to their fleet. Click Here to see a short video of the ship. The MSC Divina is a definite departure from the … Continue reading

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Panana Canal Expansion Project, When will it be completed?

Panama Canal Expansion Project  When will it be completed? I have a number of clients and customers who desire to know just when the Panama Canal Expansion Project is supposed to be completed. Official Government Answer? August 2014. To mark … Continue reading

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