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Mike is a Professional Cruise Wedding Planner, Wedding Officiant,and owner of CruisewithMike Wedding Planners. With over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, as an Independant Travel Consultant, Customer Service Agent, and a retired Va. Magistrate, and Clergy. Mike has a very unique perspective on Customer and Wedding Service Needs and strives to provide custom service that's "TOPS" Totally Outrageous Professional Service, with every customer he works with.


HOMELAND SECURITY ISSUES NEW ID REQUIREMENTS FOR NEW YORKERS—AND THOUSANDS OF OTHERS—HEADING TO US AIRPORTS and CRUISEPORTS If you are a traveler from New York, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, or American Samoa, head’s up. Travelers from those locations soon will … Continue reading

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The Economics are Difficult for Greek Nationals Well, as if the economics in Greece weren’t already bad enough. Its Official – as of Midnight Tuesday, Greece defaulted on its multi billion dollar IMF loan, and while efforts are presently underway to … Continue reading

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Wish2Wed Wedding Services Price List

                   Wish2Wed Service Price List CruisewithMike, also provides “top notch” land based wedding ceremonies within a 150 mile radius of the Orlando Florida Area. Pricing includes unlimited consult, and your choice of standard vows, or custom for your special ceremony. … Continue reading

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Visiting Canada? What you should know, BEFORE you Go!

Better Be Aware When Travelling to Canada (From the US) Sometimes you come across little not so well know Travel Tid-Bits, I thought that I would add this new section to my Travel Blog Site, in an effort to spread … Continue reading

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Crowded Travel Lines and Cancellations could be coming

We Could Be Facing Long Waits, and Travel Cancellations March 1st, marks a very critical U.S. Federal government budget deadline that is fast approaching. If no action is taken by the U.S. Congress and President to avert a forced shutdown, … Continue reading

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Another Carnival Ship Triumph is adrift at sea

Yet Another Carnival Ship is adrift at sea “Houston we have a problem” can also now be a hailing sign for Carnival Cruise Lines, especially to those in the Texas port of Galveston. As the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph  (which set … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy, Aftermath for the Cruise Lines

Hurricane SANDY Aftermath for the Cruise Lines While it is customary that Hurricane Season brings a number of storms every year, and while the cruise lines remain continually poised to make necessary changes, as most hurricanes are tightly-knit, slow-moving storms … Continue reading

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Ten Tips on How to Prevent Seasickness

Top Ten Tips on How to Prevent Seasickness First, let me say that I am not a physician, but I have been on more than 40 cruise sailings. As a professional cruise consultant I have hundreds of active cruise customers … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Impacts on Cruise Sailings

Hurricane Sandy Impacts on Cruise Sailings Thusfar As a service to our readers, we are FORWARDING a post from our good friend RICH TUCKER at CruiseSource. If you desire to have the fastest and latest updates we highly recommend that you … Continue reading

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Do I need A Visa for travel to a certain country?

Do I Need A Visa For Travel to a Certain Country? Many times I am asked if a customer or client needs a travel visa when traveling to certain country destination. I have provided a list of more than 200 … Continue reading

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